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What Name Would You Choose To Call Your Baby Girl?

1) Anastasia

2) Hannah

3) Ashlea


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    1) Samantha

    2) Poppy

    3) Florence

    btw - MAXXIE IS FIT AS!

    love skins - and chris too!



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    None of those, but by the way, my name's Hannah. Ashlea is just a bad way to spell Ashley, an already common name. I prefer not to suggest my girls' names that I picked because they're not unique, but not really used on this site, so I get kind of afraid, you know. Sorry.

  • leigh
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    Adriana is my first choice. It's the most beautiful name there is! Ashlea will constantly be spelled wrong and she'll never be able to find a name stamp with her name on it =[ Hannah is also a great name.

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    1 decade ago

    Out of your choices I would choose adds a interesting flair to the name Ashley and is very pretty!

    Hope this helps.

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    1) Jessica

    2) Isabella

    3) Cerys

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    Go to, it's brilliant for names!

    My top names are

    1. Anais (said like An-ayse)

    2. Heather

    3. Lucy

    4. Alanna

    5. Molly

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    1 decade ago

    Gina, Blaire, Sydney

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    i named my daughter brianna nicole rose. If my son was a girl I was going to name him

    Allie Rain.

    But out of the ones you listed I like Hannah thebest.

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