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dog is sick...dont have money for vet?

i need to take my dog to the vet but i dont have enough money because i was laid off from the job since last year. I have a part time job which is just enough to make ends meet.

Now, my dog, who is 12 yrs old, got sick since last night...looks like he has fever, had diarrhea (not severe though), been coughing...didnt even touch his food since yesterday morning. I know i cannot pay the bill in one shot. Do you think the vet will take monthly payments? thats all i can afford at the moment. He's been with me since he was 2 and I really dont want to lose him.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Some vets will set up a payment plan, so you can get the treatment your dog needs now and then pay it off in instalments, ring a few vets and find one that does this. good luck.

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    You may be able to pay off the vet bill in small amounts every month. Chances are,she broke/fractured a bone which is very serious and needs to be checked out by a vet immediately! You can't do anything for her at home. You may have to reach out to your parents to pay and just take it as a loan. But really, part of being a responsible pet owner is being financially stable, which you are not. Also,you should always watch for anything behind a car when backing up! What if it had been a child! (lol im a dog person though)

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    Whenever I've had a large vet bill...and there have been many!, the vet always let me pay with post dated checks.They don't really like to take payments because some people just get their dog and leave and never pay. The only place that's never taken payments is the emergency vet. Discuss the payments with your vet first to make sure. Sounds like your pooch just needs to be looked at and the vet will probably know what's wrong and will give you a round of antibiotics and maybe some pet tabs for extra vitamins.

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    Talk to your vet. Many will have payment plans available if you have been a good paying client in the past. Tell your vet and the receptionist about your money issues. Sometimes vet offices have an in house charity fund to help people such as yourself. Hopefully you can get your dog feeling better soon.

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    I would suggest that you take your dog to a vet, just to be sure that this isn't anything that could be a cause of concern.

    If you can't afford to pay for a visit to the vet, perhaps you should ask about some type of payment plan or something like that.

    Good luck and I hope I helped you!

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    I'd agree with the other posters that you should call your vet, and ask about payment options, or if not, then if there's a centre nearby who can help.

    Meanwhile, starve him for 24 hours and then you can reintroduce bland food like plain cooked chicken and rice - no treats.

    To the person that suggested putting the dog down - what a terrible thing to suggest online. You're not a vet so please don't attempt to give advice like that on the internet. This person is distressed because their dog is sick and is asking for help - your post is entirely inappropriate.

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    You need to get your dog to the vet asap. Diarrhea causes dehydration, which is very dangerous for very young and old animals. There are some great vets out there that will help you out with a payment plan, you just need to ask.

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    Im not sure what country you live in but in the UK, there is PDSA (peoples dispensary for sick animals) they pay vet bills for people on low incomes/benifits etc. Also i think the RSPCA do something simular as well,

    hope this helps


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    I would call your vet and ask. Every vet I've been to has been more than happy to work with me on paying off a bill.

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    Talk to your vet.

    Feb. was a particular expensive month for me. Last week of Feb - I only had $30 in the bank to last me all week - and my cat that has a history of blocked urinary tract started showing symptoms again.

    I went in and explained I was broke - they said bring him in anyway, and allowed me to pay at the beginning of the following month.

    There's a good chance they will only do it if you are a good customer, and don't break the trust by not paying them - pay them on time according to the plan or it may be the last time they do it for you.

    Good luck - hope he feels better soon.

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