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is evolution real?

hoe come they can find the bones if its just a theory?

people tell me its sientificly proven - but then why is it a theory?

i heard birds are dinosaurs!!!!

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    Bobby, the confusion comes because many people do not understand what the theory of evolution says.

    To many people who haven't studied evolution, the "theory of evolution" simply says that evolution has happened. That's why creationists say "It's just a theory" and why people who accept evolution but don't really understand it say "The theory of evolution has been proven!" That's not what the theory of evolution says at all. To sort this mess out, we need to take a look at the scientific definitions of "fact" and "theory".

    In science, a fact is simply a data point; something that has been observed and catalogued. For example, you could say that gravity is a fact because when you let something go, you can observe it falling to the ground. If the object is acting under the influence of gravity alone, it falls to the ground every single time. It NEVER falls up. This is what makes gravity a fact; it is observable and universally true.

    So is evolution! We have observed evolution, both in the laboratory and in nature. Now some people who don't want evolution to be true will tell you that we haven't ever observed evolution, or that we've only seen microevolution (not macroevolution). These people are wrong. There's really no other way to say it. They want you to think that microevolution and macroevolution are somehow two different things, and that one can happen while the other can't. They don't want you to know that micro- and macroevolution are just two different ways of looking at the SAME THING. Beware creationist lies.

    A scientific theory is quite different from a fact. A theory doesn't say THAT something happens (so the creationists are wrong here too), but attempts to explain HOW something happens. For example, the theory of gravity doesn't say THAT gravity happens (we can see that much without any theory), but attempts to explain HOW gravity happens. Why do all massive objects exert a gravitational pull on each other? That's what the theory of gravity seeks to answer.

    The theory of evolution does not say THAT evolution happens - that much is accepted as fact by almost all scientists - but attempts to explain HOW evolution happens. That's what creationists don't get. They're trying to discredit the theory of evolution, but even if they somehow manage to do that, it doesn't change the fact that evolution is a scientific reality.

    Can a theory ever be proven? No. Unfortunately, many people think that the reality of evolution means the theory has been proven. That's not the case. The explanation about HOW evolution occurs can never be proven, just as NO SCIENTIFIC THEORY CAN BE PROVEN! You can accumulate evidence to support a particular theory, but there must always be the possibility of falsification. The theory of evolution could be falsified if we found some example of evolution that is not occurring in the way that we think it does. Again, even if the THEORY were falsified, that doesn't mean that evolution isn't happening. It just means we're back to the drawing board to figure out HOW.

    So when you ask "Is evolution real?" the answer is yes. It's been observed and catalogued. It is a fact.

    When people say "It's just a theory", they are showing ignorance regarding what the word "theory" means to a scientist.

    And when people say "The theory has been proven", they're ALSO showing ignorance regarding what the word "theory" means to a scientist.

    And anybody who says that you can't accept evolution AND believe in God is doing a disservice both to science and to faith. And they're also wrong.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

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    Is Evolution Real

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    1. Evolution theory is one of many scientific theories. A scientific theory is an explanation of natural phenomena. Evolution theory is the scientific explanation of how evolution works. Evolution is both a scientific fact and a theory. Scientific facts are nothing more then proven observations. Evolution has been observed both in the lab and the wild.

    2. Evolution theory is the theory. Biological evolution is a natural process. It has been proven true. Evolution theory has also been proven true. If it was not true, it would not be a scientific theory.

    3. No, birds are decendants of a specific group of dinosaurs. They are no more dinosaurs then we are (because we share that common ancestor too).

    Your questions are based on a lack of understanding scientific terms. I am not being mean, but you do need to learn what the terms means. I also suggest you read "Why Evoltuion is True" by Professor Jerry Coyrne.

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    Evolution is a theory because it has NEVER BEEN PROVEN FALSE; however, it has never been proven that it is true either. I believe scientists came up with the idea of evolution because they didn't want to serve a God on this world. They don't want to confess that they are sinners so they just live their lives without God. Some of they things that evolutionists say "prove" evolution, actually prove happenings from the Bible. One example is when the Genesis flood happened, much erosion took place to form large mountains like Mt. Everest, or deep canyons like the Grand canyon. These have to be made rather quickly otherwise the mountains would be less like a mountain and more like a hill. Evolutionists believe their were lots of small catastrophes over billions of years, which could not be the case because the mountains would not be pointed; they would be more flat.

    So is evolution true? Of course not!

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    Evolution is a theory not a fact. There are many kinds evolution theory's. they are constantly changing over the years, some contradicting the last study. evolution is an assumption of man. a subject of maybes and possibilities with no solid conclusion or true fact or evidence .There is more written evidence of Jesus rising from the dead thousands of years ago than Julius Caesar's existence on earth. There is more physical and written evidence of the nephilim who walked on earth than any study of evolution has been able to provide. If you completely read the bible start to finish and study its word thoroughly(which isn't hard to to) you will see how no assumption of man can even come close to gods creation.(the truth). We are extremely far more intelligent to have come from apes, that is why no skeletons have been found during the process of our changes. Oh but there has been large skulls and giant bones found you say? research the nephilem and you will simply be amazed in what they are. Wake up people. I have studied the evolution theory for many years now and yes we humans have found some amazing discoveries and assumptions that blow my mind, and may seem very truth full....but in the end are very false due to lack of evidence.. Although adaptation is very factual. That is why there are many types of breeds, strains, and races of life. this might make evolution look more viable by confusion of the two. God is the true creator. The reality of god is way more relevant to our lives when it comes to life on earth. The complexity of the universe and everything in it is so outstanding there is no doubt he exists whether we want to believe it or not. It simply doesn't make god disappear, Enjoy life through god and stop worrying how or why were here..... Collossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

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    Tell me this, if evolution was true, then explain how fossils happened? They had to be rapidly buried to be fossils, and being rapidly buried, doesn't mean it happened over years and years and years! The flood is what made the fossils. If evolution was true, then why haven't people changed over the thousands of years? This last reason is why I totally think evolution is wrong......Think about this for a moment...If evolution was true, then why we are here? Why does it matter is humans are on the earth alive and breathing? What's the point of life, if we're just going to live and die. I mean, we're just all primates right? No, not true. We are all alive for a reason. Maybe you don't know yours yet, but we are all alive for a reason. The biggest reason is because we are to tell others about Jesus! So that others can go to heaven. EVOLUTION IS NOT TRUE I don't care if you start telling me the bible wrongs, because I KNOW with ALL my heart, soul, and mind, that the earth is created my God. The world is SO complex, how could ANY ONE believe that it just...happened. You just...happened one day. All the cells of life just happened. All the animals and plants, just happened. ALL of the universe, galaxies, EVERYTHING out in space, just happened. Evolution is absolutely, positively, wrong. Look it up on internet and it will give WAY more reasons why God created the world and not evolution.

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    First one should note there are different types of evolution, macro and micro. Despite both having the term evolution attached to them, they are actually quite different in meaning. Micro is what you would describe as an animal adapting its *genes* to survive. an example of this would be how a butterfly s color may change over multiple generations to better blend it to its surroundings to avoid being seen by predators. This is also known as natural selection and is very, very, widely accepted as fact to which I do not object. Macro-evolution on the other hand is what I think you are talking about. Macro refers to the ability of an organism *DNA* sequencing to change in order to adapt to its surroundings. Hopefully you already understand the difference between a DNA sequence and a gene but in case you do not, let me explain. A DNA sequence is unique to every species on earth. Gene values, however, vary based on any given individual in the species. Genes fluctuate that is why you have people with blonde hair and black hair for example. However, we have yet to record any species giving birth to a animal with a different DNA sequence. If you have heard of the "missing link" that is what this refers to. An animal who s DNA sequence has changed from its birth species and is also able to reproduce. In order to prove the occurrence of "Macro"-evolution as a fact you would need to find the "missing link". which, as of yet, has not happened.

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    No it wasent like you were aged into a human you were born into exsestenst

  • Ok. Simple fact is evolution is completely wrong. Think of it this way.....a man decides he feels more "feminine" so he decides to become a woman. Well....he can cut his willy off and grow boobs....grow long hair and paint his nails. But guess what????? Still a man. His genetic and molecular makeup does not change. You can't change what God has already made. Plain and simple.

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    is evolution real?

    hoe come they can find the bones if its just a theory?

    people tell me its sientificly proven - but then why is it a theory?

    i heard birds are dinosaurs!!!!

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    evolution is not real the only evolution theeres is for example cattipiller turning into a butter fly on tadpole to frog

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