What can i do 2 make me last longer during sex?

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im a 16 year old boy and every time i have sex with my girl i always finish in like 10-15 min she gets very dissapointed n i really want to please her what can i possibly do 2 make me ...show more
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  • abeo answered 6 years ago
Fore-play will significantly reduce the time to the point that women are satisfied. Getting her more sexually aroused before sexual intercourse begins will satisfy her more. Stimulation of the vaginal area with appendages other than the penis should also be considered. Especially oral stimulation.

Another option is to masturbate, or reach orgasm in some other way, a few minutes before intercourse. You will last much longer this way.
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  • BB answered 6 years ago
    Rape urself more and practice more self-control and experiment with foreplay kay!!
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  • HONEST ANSWERS! answered 6 years ago
    i'll give you the same advice i gave to another guy...

    practice this technique:

    once you feel the need to efaculate (or are getting very close) FORCE yourslef to stop!

    then start again and keep doing this continously until you feel like it has been long enough.
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  • Jonnyboy answered 6 years ago
    it comes with experience
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