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Warranted 40,000 Miles

Full Warranty

during the one-year warranty period, if the size and load-range rating of the tire are equal to or greater than which the manufacturer specified, we will replace the tire free of charge or refund the cost if either of the following occurs:1) failure relating to material or workmanship of the tire on normal road hazards; 2)tread wearout(2/32 in. or less remaining). warranty must be presented to verify mileage.

Q: what does the manufacturer guarantee?

A: full rebate on materials or workmanship

B: replacement or full refund

C: Either the cost or a new product

D: size and load range




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    replace the tire free of charge : 免費換一個新的輪胎

    or refund the cost if.. : 在以下情況退還輪胎的花費

    B 和 C 就在於 full refund 和 refund the cost 的差別

    -- full refund : 完全退費

    -- refund the cost : 退還你的花費

    雖然感覺好像一樣, 其實有點差異.這和美國的消費行為有關.

    full refund 會退你所有費用, 不會讓你因這購買行為而有任何的損失. 譬如上網購物, 帳單上會含物品本身的費用和運費. full refund 會退還包含運費的所有費用. 但若是 refund the cost of product, 就可能只會退你產品本身的費用.

    不過在美國買東西不用擔心, 因為美國相當保護消費者, 如果當初條文沒有寫refund的項目,可以當做full refund去argue.

    像這家是賣輪胎的, 是 refund the cost of the tire, 假設你是(1) 到店裡面安裝輪胎, 買時帳單上有安裝更換費, 或是 (2)有含運費, 這些額外的費用就不會退還給你. 通常這些項目在當初購買的帳單會列的很仔細, 所以也不用擔心他在你退還時才多出來敲詐你.

    所以如果你是要在美國開店的話, 這就得注意, 當寫full refund 時, 要寫 full refund of 項目, 否則可能會遇到消費者退貨, 是要你派人到他家拿回去, 不但退當初所有費用, 連這趟退還的運費也要你出.

    因此如果這是單選題的話, 選C 會好些

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