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請問 fuel a revolt by 的意思等問題。

請問 fuel a revolt by 的意思

請幫忙翻譯下文為 文 辭 優 美 的中文

By posing in a Dior dress and high-heeled boots, President Sarkozy’s glamorous Justice Minister has fuelled a revolt by judges and lawyers who are accusing her of destroying the fabric of the French justice system. As Rachida Dati, 42, defended herself yesterday over supposedly frivolous pictures for Paris Match magazine, 37 lawyers chained themselves to a courthouse in the southern town of Bourgoin in protest against her decision to close 300 tribunals across France.





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    詞彙意義 =

    fuel 激起;刺激

    revolt 厭惡,反感


    翻譯如下 =



    Source(s): strykeman + 網路相關新聞報導
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