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Can I take my Hunter Education Course Completely Online for the state of Arkansas and receive a Hunters Card?

OR am I required to go to a testing site to complete it? IF SO...what is the test like? How many questions? How Difficult? How much time does it take? I visited www.agfc.com and it says you are required to go to a testing site, but I have heard many people mention they took it online.

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    I took mine at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith back when it was still Westark Community College. It was 3 nights for 2 or 3 hours per night. Its not hard and you will learn some good things.

    So check around at your local college or tech school. They also do it at some small town high schools.

    Your best bet is to check the sporting goods counter at the local Wal-Mart because the game and fish people will leave notices there as to when and where testing will occur.

    Good luck and safe hunting to ya.


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    Arkansas Hunters Education

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    Hunters Education Arkansas

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    As an Arkansan, I can assure you the two answers above are right on target. I was born in '68, so I was not required to take the course, but this summer I intend to do so anyway alongside my 14 year old son and my best friend who is 26, so that they will feel more comfortable doing so. I might just learn a thing or two myself! Actually I'm looking forward to it.

    Find a friend or a kid to take with you if you are "Thirty Something" and feel a little strange going by yourself. It'll be fine, you'll see. Have fun with the course and Good Luck hunting this fall my friend.

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    Yes you are required in Arkansas, and you should be everywhere. A p.c can only teach you so much.. a knowledgeable instructor can teach you a whole lot more.

    Its a fun class, its worth going! The more rural the testing site, the more fun you'll have. When I took mine we actually went outside and learned how to load black powder, I already knew how.. but it was still a fun as hell class.

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    Here in florida, we can take the course online but we do need to have a field test and a written test that we must complete at a place stated by our FWC

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    Not Completely

    Online Self-Study Course

    The Internet based course is an online self-study course. Students are required to complete each section of the online self-study course, generate and print a report to take with them to the final examination. Examinations are offered at different testing sites around the state.


    I took the course back in the 80's it is simple and easy. Passed the test the first time.

    Later they offered it again it at my school during school hours I took it again becasue I loved hunting and I also wanted to get out of class. Many schools still offer this class after hours. Usually in the fall.

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