FTM: Yes or No to T??

I know there are a lot of reasons pro and con. Why did you or didn't you take T? Can you pass without taking it?? Curious. I'm just starting out and am not sure what to do, since I'm attracted to men sexually. Will it be worth living as a gay male??


I'm probably going to have a hysterectomy anyway for medical reasons (large fibroids) so that won't be an issue. I'm going to see how I like passing first I guess.

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    Well, to me, it really is a personal choice that only you yourself can make. If you can live with being seen as female and treated as such until the day you die, then maybe you don't need it... But if you want to be seen as male and treated as male, AND help yourself feel closer to your true gender, then you should consider taking it.

    I started out as a No-Anything... I wasn't going to take hormones or get surgery. But as time went on, I realized I felt like I was crumbling inside. I couldn't live life being seen as female, and looking in the mirror every day and seeing a girl... So, I went to a trans-friendly therapist and I am preparing to get hormone treatment soon.

    As far as passing is concerned, there's been a few times where I pass... most of the time I don't. Which is one of the main reasons I'm going for the T.

    And in regards to sexuality... I adore men, and I have no issue with being a gay male. :) My partner is a transmale, and I've dated cisgendered males before, so... It's not a huge deal. Tough, because some cisgendered guys have this silly idea that being trans means you're not a "real man".

    Eh... I'd go into therapy, and learn about T and what it does... for good or ill. Weigh the pros and cons, how important passing is to you... and go from there.

    Feel free to send me a message if you need to talk ever. I know it can be rough.


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    I can't believe nobody has answered your question yet, so although I'm not trans myself, I'll take a shot at answering it.

    I know many FtM men who choose to not take T, for a variety of reasons. More often than not it's money, although it can also be for health reasons (if you want to be on T without a hysterectomy, you'll have to deal with heightened chances of uterine and/or ovarian cancer, as just one example). Or because it simply didn't feel right or necessary for their male identity. I know some people like spending a lot of time without T (before eventually getting on it) because they are hesitant about the permanent changes- the ones you can never go back from, in the rare case you later on decide you don't want to have such aspects. The pros of taking T, of course, are passing becoming much easier (or at least less worrisome if you already pass fine as it is), feeling more comfortable in yourself (with body changes, cessation of menstruation, etc.), and the sheer fun and excitement of going through male puberty.

    It depends on the person as to whether or not you can pass without T. People have certainly done it before (take a look at Billy Tipton!), and many continue today. Some people have difficulty, particularly when their voices get involved. It just depends.

    As for the gay male part, it's quite worth it! I know so-called 'trannyfags' are actually in demand, it seems, if the forums down at Xtube are to believed. What with the advent of FtM pornstar Buck Angel and trans-positive spaces like the EROS sex club in San Francisco, gay men are definitely picking up on the fact that transboys are hot little commodities. Of course, there will always be a little more difficulty in hooking up and getting relationships for a trans person than non-trans, but I simply wouldn't let your sexuality be the deciding factor in your choice for transitioning; leave that to your comfort or discomfort in your body and in society treating you as female or male.

    I hope that helps!

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    I chose to take T because I felt it was important to who I felt I was. I occasionally passed without it, but it was difficult because most people thought I was about 13 and I got little respect. Now I pass quite well and am treated better because people know I am an adult. I am also gay, and have found it quite possible to enjoy relationships and intimacy with gay men. I think the T helps with that too. But each of us has to make up their own mind. Best of luck to you!

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    The people I know who are FtM all reached a point where they just HAD to take T. It seemed to be a matter of life or death to them. As soon as they started they relaxed their lives became easier and passing became easier.

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