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Who was the tennis player that took his racquet and hit his face three times?

All ive been hearing about is how this tennis dude smashed himself in the face three times. Who was this tennis dude?

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    Hi Sara, his name is Mikhail Youzhny. He is ranked 9th in the ATP 2008 race. He is from Moscow, Russia. He is very talented and known mostly for his great Davis Cup play, and he had a good run at the U.S. Open in the past.

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    His name was Mikail Youzhny. He hit himselft on the head with a forehand in the strings and blood started oozing down his hairline and he just acted as if it was normal. Then he got a towel to wipe it off. I think he hit himself cuz he hit a backhand into the net, I think. Russians just too passionate on their game. They take it out of themselves when they screw up. Anyways, they got a article on Yahoo! Tennis.;_ylt=AmCgQ1M2_9V8... and hes a Youtube celeb so you can get a video there, too. I really feel sorry for him.

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    it is mikhail youzhny .this video became very popular on youtube

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    mikhail youzhny..

    Source(s): .... you can watch it here.
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    Mikhail youzhny.... i guess so..

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    michael youzhny...

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    that is Yousny!!!

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