According to cc's, what speed does the bike go (generally)?

I'm looking to buy a motorcycle to replace my dying '88 chevy cavalier. The only thing is, I have no idea what to look for when buying a bike. I know that disc brakes are better than drum brakes and I know that more cylynders or their setup create a smoother ride. What really irks me is what the cc's mean. I've been looking at Honda motorcycle's. One is the Nighthawk 234 cc vertical twin for $3,700 and the other is the Shadow VLX 583 cc V-twin for $5,500. Price is also a key factor so i'm looking for a literal sense of the phrase "more bang for your buck."


Also with tank size. The Nighthawk has like a 4.3 gallon tank and the Shadow a 2.9. What are the ranges for a full tank of gas with these bikes?

Update 2:

The furthest possible distance that I would go with this bike is from Toledo, OH to Ann Arbor, MI. Even that is a large distance.

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    OK, first off, cc is cubic centimeter, represents the displacement of the cylinder(s) in total, now-a-days this is termed in liters for cars (cubic liters), if that helps... the larger the cc number, the bigger the cylinder, and the more power it is capable of producing.

    Most bang for the buck is to be found in a cycle that someone else has already put a FEW miles on!! Many cycles are not used as primary transportation, only as a recreational past time. You can find bikes 20 years old, garage kept, with barely the milage it takes to break it in.

    That is just a thought if money is a real factor. You need a bike that will do whatever you ask your car to do performance wise if it is to be your main form of transportation. I think any motorcycle of 400cc and above will give you the speed for the highways, the more cc of the engine, the more throttle you have left over to use if you HAVE to, and on a cycle, that is a big thing, power can get you out of the way of trouble. So, depending on your weight and size (wind resistance) should determine the 'fit' you need for power. I have had cycles with 1000+cc engines, never needed that kinda of power, no where close to it.

    Some where there is a good size for anyones needs, or wants. You are looking for transportation, and in that search you might also include scooters (heaven forbid)! The maxi-scooters of today will give you all the performance you need, with the addition of some respectable secure storage space. They are also equipped with automatic 'transmissions' which is a plus for intown use. Constantly working a clutch is no fun! Honda makes the Reflex and Yamaha has the Morphous both at the 250cc area, and these will do the highway stuff, not a lot to spare, but both will cruise at 65. A number of scooters are around from top makers that are larger, 400cc, 500cc, to 650cc.

    Just things to consider, the used market is a viable place to go to save a signigicant amount of money, what you ride is your business and only your business, only you have to depend on it!!

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    I don't really know much about the Nighthawk, so I can't really give you any information on it. However, I do have a 2005 Shadow VLX. I generally average at least 120 miles before I even hit reserve and need to start thinking about getting gas. Last summer I went on a trip from PA to TN and back and was getting around 60 mph or more.

    If you have never ridden before, I would suggest taking the MSF course or something similar to it. Once you pass the course, you should have a better idea of what size bike you would feel most comfortable on.

    As others have said, the cc's can't easily tell you the speed of the bike. Generally speaking, the higher the cc's, the faster the bike will go. Usually a 600cc sport bike would be faster than a 600cc cruiser due to the weight and gearing.

    Based solely on your two choices (Nighthawk or Shadow), the Shadow would give you the most bang for the buck.

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    There is no "general" speed according to CC's. The higher the CC's, the more power the engine is capable of producing, but then you also have to factor in gearing and rpms and all that good stuff. between the nighthawk and Shadow, i'd go with the shadow, no question. but do your research first, don't expect to just hop on a bike and start riding, there's much to learn.

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    Motorcycle Cc Chart

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    Those bikes are on either side of a border line that determines whether they should be used on the freeway. While the Rebel Nighthawk will do short runs OK, it won't be suitable for longer rides. While the Shadow will allow you to ride extended distances at 60+ mph.

    It depends on how you plan to use the bike.

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    Neither of those bike will give you a fast bike but the there is a huge difference between those two bikes. A cruiser will need at least the 600cc engine or larger in my opinion, but I have a cbr so I may not see things the same way you will. Heck, most Harley rider think they have plenty of power so the 600 should be just fine.

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    the shadow will be faster than your cavalier, shift points & rpm will be about the same.

    about 140 miles or 2 hours on a tank of gas

    you could go coast to coast on it if you dont carry much gear.

    for the same money you could get a used 600 cc inline 4 cylinder sport bike thats quicker than a corvette, but it will be less comfortable than the shadow.

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    CC's is a designation for engine size, in metrics, much like here in the states sometimes CI (or cu in) are used.

    CC means Cubic Centimeters (rather than Cubic Inches).

    As far as "how fast will x number of cc's go?", there are too many variables. How much total weight? What gearing? Tire diameter? etc, etc.

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    these are just guesses but nighthawk top speed 70 and thats redlining top gear probably 60-70 mpg's the 583 top speed 90-100 and 45-55 mpg's

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