is the story behind the song cassie by flyleaf true or false?

ive always wondered that was there really a girl named cassie and rachel that were asked if they belived in god and when they said yes they were shot?or is it a myth?

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    It is true.

    This song is about Columbine and how a girl named Cassie Bernall was asked "Do you believe in God?" before Eric Harris killed her. She was named as a martyr because of it. The lead singer of Flyleaf (Lacey Mosely) is saying that we should all follow Cassie's example and stand up for our beliefs even at the risk of death.


    I took the time to look up the sights you listed. Here's it what I found.

    On this sight.

    here are some exerpts:

    "Writer Larry Stammer notes that the initial survivors' accounts stated that one of the gunmen had asked a girl -- who was later identified as Bernall -- if she believed in God, and shot her after she replied "Yes." "

    Another quote from this article:

    "Bernall was known for carrying a Bible to school regularly, and sporting the popular "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelet worn by a religious youngsters. She was reportedly reading Shakespeare in the library of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on Tuesday, April when two other students -- identified as Eric Harris, 18 and Dylan Klebold, 17 -- burst in with guns. In all, 12 students and one teacher died in the murder spree, but Bernall's story stands out because of the circumstances. According to news reports, one of the gunmen asked for "those who believe in God" to stand up, and then pointing his weapon at Bernall. He asked, "Do you believe in Jesus?" Bernall responded, "Yes, I love Jesus." The gunman then asked her "Why? and pulled the trigger.

    The account, widely reported in the press, could be apocryphal. Or, the events may have actually occurred."

    This article in this atheistic publication can at best only question eyewitness statements.

    Quote from article:

    "There are witnesses and investigators who say that there was no verbal exchange about God between Cassie and her killer and that it was actually a different girl who was near Cassie who was asked about her belief.

    During the days following the killings in April of 1999, several of the students who were in the library where Cassie and others were shot said she had been confronted by one of the gunmen, Dylan Klebold, and asked whether she believed in God. It was reported that she said "yes" and was immediately shot and killed.

    John Kiekbusch of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department as saying that the question about God may have never been asked of Cassie. The News says that Cassie was crouched under a table when she was shot and that another student, 16 year old Emily Wyant, was next to her. Emily survived the ordeal and says she never heard Cassie asked about belief in God. She says Cassie was praying and saying, "Dear God. Dear God. Why is this happening? I just want to go home." In the article, Emily says she does wonder if Cassie was singled out because of the fact that she was praying. Klebold reportedly looked under the table at the girls, said, "Peekaboo," then shot Cassie.

    Joshua Lapp, as saying he is still sure of his memory of the event and that Cassie was asked about her belief and did respond by saying "yes" before she was shot."

    Please note that John Kiekbusch says the question MAY not have been asked--even though two eyewitnesses express their belief that it was. The question was definately asked, even if it was presented to a different person.

    Ok next link:

    This is probably the most accurate report I have seen. I enclosed the part of teh articlre that directly relates to Cassie Bernall.

    "Official reports state that Harris then walked over to the table across from the lower computer row, slapped the top twice with his hand, knelt down, and said "peek-a-boo" before shooting Cassie Bernall in the head. The recoil from the weapon hit his face, breaking his nose. Although it is popularly believed that Bernall was the individual who was asked "Do you believe in God?", it is debated if the exchange actually happened with Klebold and surviving student Valeen Schnurr. Three students who witnessed Bernall's death, including the person who was hiding under the table with her, have testified the exchange did not occur.[8] Although some students who were in the library asserted the exchange occurred, none of them physically witnessed it. They may instead have heard the latter exchange between Klebold and Schnurr and been misled by news reports attributing the words to Bernall. This misunderstanding sparked many debates as to whether the official investigation thoroughly assessed all possibilities. Despite conflicting statements from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, most recently a spokesman has stated there has been no official internal conclusion to this debate, and even if there were, it is unlikely it would be revealed due to the gravity of what a single conclusion could mean to the families and supporters of the victims, . . . . . . .

    Meanwhile, Harris went over to another table where two girls were hiding, bent down to look at them, and dismissed them as "pathetic". The pair went over to an empty table and began to reload their weapons. Schnurr, who had been hurt badly, began to cry out at that point, "Oh, God help me!" Klebold went back to her and asked her if she believed in God. She floundered in her answer, saying no and then yes, trying to get the answer "right". He asked her why; she said it was because it was what her family believed. He taunted her then walked away. This incident eventually led to the Cassie Bernall controversy, as some believe the eyewitnesses who continue to back the Bernall claim may have wrongfully attributed the Schnurr/Klebold remark to Bernall due to possible similarities in voice and appearance."

    <noticr there is no official internal conclusion to this debate>

    Whether SAUL-SABIA. believes it was Cassie or not, the song by flyleaf was written about this incidnt and their view that Cassie was asked the question and her response. The song is about having the strength to be willing to die for your convictions.

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    is the story behind the song cassie by flyleaf true or false?

    ive always wondered that was there really a girl named cassie and rachel that were asked if they belived in god and when they said yes they were shot?or is it a myth?

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    Cassie Columbine

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    Flyleaf Wiki

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    "Oh, I heard it at a Flyleaf concert, so it must be true". Oh, God.

    The links below are from literally less than ten seconds on Google. I included more than one because some people don't want to let go of their cherished myths - like the "martyrdom" of Cassie.

    The truth is that eyewitnesses do not support this story. It's a nice story, it's a warm story, it's a faith-affirming story, but it's also a myth - it just ain't true.

    The problem with stories like this is that they perpetuate the misconception that Christians are some horribly persecuted people. Look, in this country over 75% (the numbers are probably higher) of people profess some form of christianity. That makes you guys the majority. Majorities aren't persecuted by the minorities.

    So... False. False false false. And here are the links that show the evidence of its falsity.

    To the rest of you answerers.... ten seconds with Google. Ten. Don't accept blindly what you're told.


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    For the best answers, search on this site

    It's about the Columbine shooting in '99. Cassie and Rachel were victims, and before the shooter pulled the trigger, he asked if they believed in god.

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    yeah that is what it's about. it's about colombine, and the shootings that took place. cassie bernall was asked if she believed in god and she said yes, resulting in her death. same as with rachel joy scott. the song is about the colombine shootings. i lovee this song.

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    False. False. False. Unbelievably false.

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    its about the colombine shootings

    sad story

    read 'she said yes'

    its all about cassie and what happened

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    Its true. They died at Columbine. The song is about their last moments before they were killed.

    Source(s): Heard the story two different times at Flyleaf concerts.
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    Its about the Columbine shootings....


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