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YUGIOH Why,Why,Why questions asnwer plz?SPAMMERS AND FLAMERS WILL BE REPORTED!!!!?

q1.i saw cybernetic magicians in so many deck lately but now im seeing granmarg in every m,onarch deck i just about lokk at and yes i have provided links,;_ylt=Ar7IP...;_ylt=Akwom...;_ylt=AuASp...

So why is everybody running granmarg when they are way better monarchs?

Q.2 why are people only running 1or 2 caius in there macro/monarch?

q3. imagine raiza and caius never existed who would be the best monarch? (released so far)

q4. what types of deck do you have?



Also if i posted your deck as a link this is not an attack im just curious to why your running granmarg?

Update 2:


i have an high opinon on zaborg?

the answer to thats is yes and im glad you aked so i can explain why

zaborg the thunder monarch is my personal favourite and i find that one mobius is enough as i already have mst and heavy storm and lets face it how many spell/trps in you oppnents deck are acuatlly game threatning

so zaborg say you summon him your opponent has a extremly powerful monster on the field (which my deck wouldnt let them) but say they did zabrog would be more useful as if would destroy it and then if thats was the only monster they had direct attack

there are loads more reasons but im lazy at typing at the moment and i cant fit them in

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    1. and 2. The decks people post here are generally horrible. There are only a handful of competent deckbuilders and they're generally the answerers.

    3. So they have room for something else.

    4. Kuraz(it has been Japan). Its in some crazy OTK decks in Japan. If you only count TCG Monarchs then Thestalos. Zaborg just doesn't generate the advantage people think he does. Especially with things like Fires of Doomsday, Scapegoat, etc to replace what was just destroyed. Thestalos is consistent and generally effective.

    5. I play Warriors. I'm making a DD Warrior(not the card...Different Dimension in general) based deck when I get a few Dark Emperor decks.

    Source(s): 6 years of Yu-Gi-Oh experience. Level 1 Judge and Tournament Organizer.
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    1. Cyber is good tech, Granmarg is simply put the worst monarch to use. Perhaps they just don't have anything better. 2400 ATK is still nothing to laugh about.

    2. To everyone who says people aren't buying the deck, think again. I myself have already purchased 3 and traded for 2 more. But yeah, probably some people don't wanna spend $30 just for 3 Caius.

    3. Judging from the other decklists you post, you seem to have a high opinion of Zaborg. I think Mobius would be the strongest as he takes out 2 cards. Thestalos even has more worth than Zaborg.

    4. Gadgets (main), Cyberdarks, Megarock Return and Frogs.

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    1, not sure ... i would never put a granmarg into a deck and i had a cybernetic magician in my deck a lil while ago purely because i had nothing to replace it (taken it out now tho cos it is crap lol)

    2, maybe they can only get 1/2 caius? ... i am getting the deck once and i will p[robs use the caius in it although i dnt like monarchs

    3, released in english so far it has to be mobius ... in the OCG it has to be kuraz as far as im concerned ... cant wait till it comes out in english ... it the only monarch i rly like lol ... mobius is ok but i dont like the rest (although i know they are good cards)

    4, i got a crystal beast deck (although it not that gd and dont have all the cards) and i got another deck (not sure wot type u would call it lol) ... here is a link to the most recent list for it;_ylt=Al...

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    Well, for one thing, don't be so dissed by CM's effect and power, cuz it has a clear advantage, if used properly, you can decrease a hi powered monster's ATK to 2000 for CM to take it down, also, it could benefit your monsters by increasing their ATK to 2000, it's that simple. Granmarg is a tough one, it's seen as one of the most weakest of the Monarchs becuz of it's effect, but if used properly it can be really useful, I mean if conjuncted with the right cards like Swords of Concealing Light or Book of Moon.

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    1. maybe its because i'm somewhat of a noob but i like granmarg.....i have one in one of my decks, and i set alot of defense monsters.

    2. i don't know sorry

    3. i'd say zaborg the thunder monarch

    4.i like Dragons, spellcasters(yes i play old-school dark magician), cyber, six samurai, Lp recovery, and i'm working on a cyberdark deck(not going well as of late)

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    1. maybe they think granmarg is good for monster destruction, but no one really sets monsters

    2. 2 is good enough actually. some cards are useful with remove from play monsters

    3. mobius. good s/t destruction

    4. crystal beasts, six samurai (working on it), dark armed dragon, and a few others

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    1. and 2.No offence to those ppl but ganmarg is for noobs and so is cybernetic magician, they just look pretty and so ppl run them (as far as i know, lol)

    2. I personally think that most ppl arent gonna buy 3 dark monarch decks to get 3 dark monarchs so thats why they only runnning 2 like me,lol.

    3. My fav moarch still to this piont is mobius, he fits right into almost any deck.

    4. Im almost done my dark world deck and im gonna start to constrcut my marco dark deck soon.

    and thanks again for giving me the idea for the marco deck.

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    well not sure why there runnig granmarg they suck terible effect 2. not sure 3.probly zaborg and4. i run a spellcaster warrior deck and may add 1 the calculator

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    1. cybernetic magician is very old, but people just figured out what it's effect means, dnt use 1. aggree with borat, granmarg is horrible,

    2. they prolly cant afford, i only have 2 dont want a 3rd, cause i dont want the rest of them, i got mine cause our store knows us and he gave it to us, but still had to pay

    3. zaborg

    4. DaD return.

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    ill only answer question four

    Dinosaurs that what i use ther my favorite type of monster.

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