Mormon "worthiness" interview. WTF?

I know this 15 year old Mormon chick who has an interview coming up that tests her worthiness for her church. She's freaking out about it so I was wondering what it's like. Do they ask true/false question? Do they just require you to say yes/no? Do you have to explain any answer?

Do they go as far as using a lie detector?

Oh, and hears an important one: How much do they probe and attempt to get in your head?

I would prefer if you are Mormon and basically tell me what your "worthiness interview" was like.

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    They do ask questions about your morals and you being chaste...implying masturbating and such. Or weather or not you have crossed the line making out with someone or not.

    Personally, I this is wrong to do to the youth of any "church"!!

    But the mormon church is all up in there member business, but this crosses the line for me or my children...Not needed..IMO


    not true of false...just yes or no, unless you have "explaining to do". Meaning yes I have done such things....

    Oh and they do "probe" a little, but it depends on the bishop or person doing the interview...

    My pre baptism interview was just like that...mind you I was newly married with a newborn....

    I was asked if I had impure thoughts and/ or actions by a young man member helping the missionaries (not sure of his title)......I thought the whole thing was creepy and disturbing...

    But I ave had bishops interviews that were totally normal...

    PS at 15 this is probably not for the temple endowments.......(too young) , maybe just temple work for the youth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We don't have worthiness interviews. Most people are worthy to hear the gospel.

    Her interview however might be for a temple recommend. It's just yes or no questions. Sometimes it's the first or second councilor in the bishopric who does the interview and they don't ask why you're not worthy. The bishop might though.

    If she's having a birthday interview with the bishop then the bishop would probably encourage her to tell him what it is she's doing wrong (if she's doing something wrong). Whatever she says to the bishop stays confidential. The bishop would help her repent.

    Theres no lie detectors LOL

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wonder why she's freaking out...? Perhaps she is just hoping that it will spark some meaningful conversation with you and some attention from you. I always looked forward to my interviews when I was a youth. It was a time to sit and chat with some of the leaders of the ward. I would always ask them questions about life or church doctrine, and I always felt that they offered thoughtful answers.

    Some leaders are perhaps more open to having meaningful conversations than others, but I don't ever recall feeling uncomfortable during a "worthiness" interview.

    Youth leaders in our church do want to make sure that you keep the commandments. We believe that keeping the commandments will bring happiness in this life. You can read about the commandments in Preach My Gospel (see link below...) Preach My Gospel is the book that the church uses to teach the missionaries how to teach people about the church. In Chapter 3 are all the lessons that the missionaries teach... Lesson 4 is about the commandments. Generally interviews with the youth are somewhat unstructured, but will ask about the commandments that are in lesson 4. I never recall rote, or a list of questions. In lesson 4 they even talk about how to structure a baptism interview... which is a worthiness interview.

    Every interview is very different, so here are some insights from my interviews...

    - I was generally a quiet kid... so to spark conversation I was sometimes asked true/false, yes/no questions, as a way to open up conversation.

    - I don't recall being asked for explanations, but I suppose if they don't understand you then they would ask.

    - I've never used a lie detector (Its usually really easy to tell when someone is lying). But I never got the point of lying, anyway?

    - I don't see it beyond the scope of an interview to probe... If the leader felt that there was something bothering, and they felt they might be able to help.

    - I've never felt uncomfortable in an interview... I definitely never heard of any of the stuff that the sheep with shotguns was talking about...

    But, I would like to give some insight that I learned from swimming about commandments and "worthiness". When you jump in the water, if you want to swim fast then there is a set of rules that exist (they exist independent of us), to which if we are obedient we gain MORE FREEDOM in the water... In other words, the freedom to swim through the water is derived from learning laws and binding ourselves in obedience to certain laws of fluid dynamics. The better you are at obeying those hydrodynamic laws the more freedom is obtained to move through the water. It is the act of obeying that results in increased freedom. WELL, I believe that there are a set of societal, universal laws that exist independent of us that govern success and happiness. In order for us to be really happy and prosperous then we must learn those laws and bind ourselves in obedience to them. This will result in maximal happiness. In the church, we believe that these laws have to do with respecting ourselves, improving our spirituality, improving our talents, etc. We believe that the role of prophets (you know like Moses and Isaiah) is to communicate those laws that will help to make us happy. In a worthiness interview, a leader will typically ask about those commandments that are in Lesson 4 of Chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel... I hope this is helpful.

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    1 decade ago

    Shotgun got it somewhat correct.

    We are asked if we believe in God, if we sustain the Prophet, if we live the law of chastity, if we keep the word of wisdom, and if we pay tithe. But I'm pretty sure you can get a recommend even if you aren't a full tithe payer-- my Bishop gave me one last time I had an interview with him, even though I don't pay tithing like ever (I'm broke).

    I've NEVER heard of a child as young as 8 getting asked about masturbation. EVER. I didn't even know what that WAS when I was 8. I was never asked that as a child by anyone, let alone a Bishop. I was never asked if I masturbated or petted when I was 12, either. So I'd say those two things are most definitely lies. And I've never been told by anyone in the church-- ever-- that I am going to Hell, because we don't really believe in Hell. Also, you usually aren't kicked out of a calling unless you've done something seriously seriously wrong. Usually they let you keep it and you work out what you did wrong by yourself. The only person I've ever seen lose a calling over something they'd done (they never came out and said it's why he was released, but I believe this is the reason) is my neighbor. He has 5 kids and has been married 25 years, and we just barely found out he's been cheating on his wife and sleeping with our other neighbor for about a year... he doesn't come to church anymore so they just released him. Anywhoo... the first paragraph had some truthful info, but the second is absolute garbage.

    They really aren't scary interviews at all. They are just "yes" or "no" questions. My Bishop almost never prods me for details... a "yes" and "no" is usually enough for him.

    I don't feel like they are trying to "get into my head" or "scare me" or anything of the sort. The interviews are fast, simple, and easy. I don't feel violated at all after I'm done with them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If it's anything like what my kids do, basically, they just talk to the bishop about whatever might be bothering them, and stuff.

    Contrary to what many people think, no one is EVER looking to get anyone into trouble, or get anyone kicked out of the church. In fact, the goal is to keep people IN the church. And if one is having problems that might hurt that goal, then the bishop wants to help as much as he possibly can.

    I know that all my bishops have ever wanted is for everyone to be HAPPY. That is not talking about momentary pleasures, but true happiness. The kind that comes from having the Saviour in your life, from knowing that you are heading in the direction in your life that GOD wants for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go bother someone else.

    its not a ;'test'

    shes probably getting somthing called a temple recomend.

    its an lds thing.

    no lie detectors.

    no true/false q's.

    all the bishop asks you is

    if you are a full tithe payer

    if you sustain the current prophet, apostles

    and if you feel worthy enough to enter God's House(the temple)

    you say 'yes' or 'no'

    if you say no, i don'y know what happens, but my guess is you spend the rest of church talking with the bishop about whatever it is that makes you feel unworthy.

    the bisops also askes if anythings wrong, hows school, whatever, somthimes.

    did i help?

    mr. sheep: your informent misguided you, at least about that last part. i have never, ever, been asked about that, get your facts strait.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sheep w/ SHotguns got the first half correct.

    The 2nd part, I don't know where you heard that from, but whoever it was, tell them nice story.

    Because the temple is such a special and sacred place to members of the church, and because we literally call it the Lords House, it requires us to be worthy to enter into it. Unless your friend has been doing something she should'nt then she should have no need to worry lol.'

    p.s, no they don't go as far as using a lie detector either.

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  • amy
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    1 decade ago

    She wants to go into the temple. That is when they do interviews. To go into those, you need a temple reccomend since everything in there is sacred they dont just want random shmoes going in.

    They ask you questions like do you believe in the father and that jesus was our savior and that joseph smith was a prophet. they ask if you live the law of chastity. They also ask if you follow the if you dont drink alcohol. Its easy. She can actually lie if she wants, but she'd basically be lying to God. If she has repented, she would be fine. She shoudlnt be stressed out at all. I knew i was going to fail, but they let me find out the questions so i knew what to work towards.

    You talk to your bishop or stake president. There is no lie detector thats rediculous. It really isnt a big deal at all, they just want to make sure you are making an effort to live a good life before you are allowed into a sacred place.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She will be asked all kinds of questions, from "do you sustain the prophet as a prophet seer and revelator" and "are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man." Being a 15 year old girl, she will probably ne asked a lot of specific questions regarding sex.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Interviews are conducted within the church for various reasons. Being that your friend is 15, it's probably just an interview to see how she's doing. That, or she might be preparing to enter the temple.

    Regardless of the reason, it's the responsibility of the Priesthood leaders to insure that the individuals are worthy of participating in certain church activities such as teaching, preaching, partaking of the sacrament, entering the temple, etc. Unworthy individuals are not allowed to participate in these activities.

    The interview itself is simple. They will ask questions like;

    Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

    Do you obey or strive to obey the commandments?

    Do you pay an honest tithe?

    Do you obey the word of wisdom? (no alcohol, tobacco, tea, or coffee)

    For members who are doing their best, there's no need to worry about it.

    "Wherefore, the righteous need not fear; for thus saith the prophet, they shall be saved"

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