Should I allow myself some junk food?

I've been following a healthy lifestyle for three months so far and I'm incredibly happy with myself. I've lost about 15 lbs so far but I have a long way to go. I exercise 3-5 days a week with a combination of aerobics, jogging, elliptical, ab & back exercises, and weight training. I've limited my food intake to 1750 cal to 1500 cal, and now at 1400 cal (which is a lot of food when its healthy fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains etc). I've had a few slip ups along the way but I try to start fresh each day.

Today I'm having the most incredible craving for junk food. And I know if I get some, I will eat it all. Since I don't keep junk food in my house, I will have to go to the store to buy it. Should I treat myself to it? If so, how do I prevent from binging?

I've already worked out today, would a bit of yoga help?

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    No - Do not treat yourself because then you may fall back into the habit of eating junk! I know some people say have a bit so you don't feel deprived but honestly, when you adopt such a healthy eating life style deprivation is not part of the question because you are so satisfied with the foods you are consuming! If you need something "sweet" chew some sugar free orbit gum or have a cup of flavored coffee sweetened with Stevia (those two tricks do it for me)...

    If your craving persists, go for a walk, do yoga, knit, paint your nails, lounge outside in the sun (if it is sunny), do anything to get your mind off of your craving and then plan to eat a nice healthy dinner!

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    The best way to not binge is to wait it out. Kind of like labor pains. The binging urge will go away. With your binging urge so strong, I would not give into it at all. But do have a talk with yourself. See why you want that junk food. Do you feel deprived because you cannot have it? Do you feel you need a reward and food is the way to reward? If you do have someone with you that would limit your binge, that would help. after all, you can choose to eat junk food, but do it in moderation. And remember that that choice right now might start you down the path that does not lead to your goal.

    Go see my blog Be the Weight You Want. Especially the blog Food and I, partners in everything. I think some of what i have said will help you.

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    It's hard to stay away from power bars and junk food and loosing weight is not easy. You need to start by keeping healthy food and snacks around all the time. Carrot sticks and apples will fill you up. You need to replace sweet drinks with water, lot's of water. You can still eat the same meals you like but you have to cut back the portions, using a smaller plate helps. Exercise is really important. I'm 4 times your age and I walk at least three miles a day. So start walking! Don't forget to carry water with you, keep yourself hydrated. The faster you can walk the more calories you'll burn. Cut back on the high fat stuff like salad dressing, butter and oils. I always keep a bag full of cut up veggies to snack on. I carry a small bag in my purse so if i'm hungry that's what I eat. Sorry no dips! Good luck! Watch out for juices, they have lot's of calories and no fiber.

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    Yes! Yoga is a good plan. Find a distraction., and stick with it. Don't go to the store. If you go now, you'll buy stuff you don't need and don't want, and then you'll eat it anyway. Stay online, go find some pictures of people you WANT to look like, and then remind yourself why you don't keep junk food in the house, and why you're not going to go out and get some!!!

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    Go to the store and only buy a something small. An individual ice cream bar or candy bar. Then when you want it later you wont have it on hand since you only bought one. or the 100 cal packs of kettle corn are sweet but not horrible for you.

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    Limit what you buy, it is as simple as that. You can usually get individual cakes, and you can get individual chocolate bars. Make sure you are not hungry when you go to the shop, or you will just end up buying a whole load more.

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    do u live alone?

    if not, then u treat urself to something, but when u know u've had enough tell the other person to take it away. lol.

    or buy something in a small portion, like 100 calorie packs. the chips ahoy candy bites or really good

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    It sounds like you're asking strangers on the internet to be your enabler. Call someone who knows you instead. They'll know if you really should or not.

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    By noshing with someone else, THEY can portion it out.

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    u must eat a proportionate amount if u do.......sweet are good every now and then....(easier said than done)

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