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Ace-K vs Aspartame?

So today I was in my local Asda as every other day of the week and I noticed they have a load of thier own colas (reg, diet, caffeine-free, lime, lemon and zero)

Well it's not called Zero but but looks half reg and half diet and only costed my 44p. Anyway I noticed it was advertised as Aspatame free (well zero Aspatame) and it's pratically sugar free (0.1g per 250ml serving)

However I noticed it contained Acesulfame K which got me thinking, is subsitituting Aspartame for Ace-K a good idea or bad?


BTW I can't stand the diet cola it's got cheap taste to it but the Zero one is very nice about the same as reg to me.

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    They are both bad. Aspartame is an un-necessary poison.

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    It depends. People with an inherited disorder called Phenylketonuria can't use aspartame. Acesulfame potassium might be a safe alternative, but those people should probably call their doctors.

    Having tried Coke Zero (with Ace-K) and Diet Coke (with aspartame), I prefer Coke Zero. Your mileage may vary.

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    I'm not quite sure what those are sorry

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