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Domestic Violence Against Women SHOCKING!!!?

12.9 million incidents: The British Crime Survey found that there were an estimated 12.9 million incidents of domestic violence acts (that constituted non-sexual threats or force) against women and 2.5 million against men in England and Wales in the year preceding interview (Walby & Allen, 2004).

One call a minute to the police: Though only a minority of incidents of domestic violence are reported to the police , the police still receive one call about domestic violence for every minute in the UK, an estimated 1,300 calls each day or over 570,000 each year. (Stanko, 2000). However, according to the British Crime Survey, less than 40% of domestic violence crime is reported to the police (Dodd et al, July 2004; Walby and Allen, 2004; Home Office, 2002).

Homicide: On average, two women a week are killed by a violent partner or ex-partner. This constitutes nearly 40% of all female homicide victims. (Povey, (ed.), 2005; Home Office, 1999; Department of Health, 2005)


This is an eye opener especially to those who say Islam is opressive towards women.

Then Im asking u is Britain being ruled by Islam.

Then I guess we can easily say that Freedom and democracy is an oppressive regime towards women.

Most of the rapists do not even get a proper punishment.

Update 3:

errmm dont like it there dont live there?

why do I have to move? Why am I not allowed to question anything? If we don't question anything how are thing supposed to change?

I only hear this response when people don't have a valid answer!

Update 4:

This is not against Islam.

This is for those who say Islam is oppressive yet they fail to see injustices committed in the western societies by those who are not Muslim but believe in the western ideology.

I'm not attacking anyone either just an eye opener...

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    Domestic violence is an unfortunate truth which occurs in all societies, irrespective of religion, race, geographic location, sexuality and so on.

    At least women within Britain have the opportunity and the back up to actually report such crimes to the police in order to seek help. Unfortunately the voicing of such crimes are considered completely taboo in some cultures - women have no support in places such as India and Pakistan therefore many domestic violence/rape cases remain unreported.

    Lets pray to Allah for these women



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    There is a high number of domestic violence cases in America too and very few involve Muslim men. My opinion of that is that many Muslim men were taught to respect women and therefore they are not abusive. Those that are abusive are seldom reported because their wives are taught that the husband can do whatever he wants to do and they can't question it. There are many, many unreported cases of domestic violence because women are afraid that once the man gets out of jail he's going to kill them, which unfortunately happens a lot. They also don't report because they are financially dependent upon him and would have no where to go or any way of providing for their children. Of course there are domestic violence shelters they can go to, but few want to disrupt the habits of their lives to go there. There is also the sad fact that a lot of these women love the man they are with and keep thinking he will change which seldom happens.

    Source(s): social worker who has dealt with this problems many times during investigations of child abuse and neglect.
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    Unfortunately, domestic violence exists in all corners of the world. My mom is a social worker for a local school district, and believe me, it comes from every race, ethnicity, and gender. Most of this violence is directed from men toward women and children (which is a true tragedy, children are the most sacred and precious beings in our world) I believe that those who hurt women and children should be punished severely. I am all for the death penalty, and I think rapists and child molesters should receive it. An interestic statistic you should look at is how the nations imperialised by Europe saw a dramatic increase in domestic violence after European invasions.

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    This reminds me of the statistics for reports of bribery and corruption by some reports.

    Countries like Nigeria, Indonesia and Kenya statistically had the LOWEST rates rates of corruption, because there were so few convictions. Countries like Sweden and Iceland had the highest rates of bribery and corruption.

    Common sense and observation says that some of these countries with the lowest convictions for corruption are the most corrupt in the world; the only reason the least corrupt countries in the world have such a high rate is because when someone offers a bribe it'll be prosecuted.

    Statistically, countries like Saudi Arabia may be a utopia for women's rights. Even the Soviet Union was a utopia for religion, because the Soviet constitution guaranteed full freedom and respect of all all religions. Forced marriage in the UK must be a bigger problem in the UK than in Pakistan, because the UK government has had to set up a special organisation with Urdu-speaking employees to assist women fleeing from forced marriages, whereas in Pakistan they may not even need this kind of organisation which therefore demonstrates forced marriage isn't a problem in Pakistan but is in the UK.

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    Yes. That is shocking I have to say, even though I was expecting high figures like that...but not that high. People see muslim women as oppressive...why? Because they are covering their hair and choice! Western cultured women do not see the oppression they face by having to be a certain type of 'beautiful' they see on tv, in magazines etc. They have to keep up with trends, their body size and shape has to be a certain way, their hair too. They are oppressed by these representations of women. The hijab means we are breaking free from these oppressive chains, and all that matters to other people around us is who we are, not what we physically look like. Why does that matter anyway?

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    Your facts are right unfortunately. Your questions after dont make sense to me, are you blaming muslims for most domestic violence?

    if so you are way out in your assumptions, domestic violence happens within all communities and across all classes and religions. Theres no way you can blame Islam for this one.......sorry

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    This is not an answer to your question, but a response to cyan. You really should get your facts straight. Domestic violence is perpetrated by men on women more than by women on men. Women also do not report and in greater numbers than men. I know being a survivor myself, there were incidents of dv with my ex at least 3 times a month and more than that at the end. I only reported twice - so my percentage rate of actual incidents versus reported incidents would be about 1%. Close to 200 incidents (probably more than that) and I only reported twice. It is prven that men are groomed to violence more so than women. Also I would truly be interested in the studies you quote. If the have anything to do with conflict scales, then your results are also skewed as you claim these results are. To those who have no idea what conflict scales are - here is a short simplified explanation. You have a husband and wife (husband is H and wife is W) for this survey. H gets mad at wife and starts screaming at her (no touching yet) in her face, spitting etc. This is not considered violence under the conflict scales as no physical contact has been made. H continues on in this fashion for a long time. W gets tired of this and pushes him or pushes through to get away from him. Okay W has 1 point on the scales. H now smacks W. They are now tied. W again pushes H or maybe she even slaps him. W is now 2-1. H gets really mad and punches W. Tied now. W now slaps again or maybe she throws something at him. W is now ahead. H now shoves W to the ground and starts pounding her. Tied now. But at the end of this example who is worse off? W who is laying on the ground - a bloody pulp, or H who has a few red marks on his face from being slapped? And how did this start? H got mad at W and was screaming obscenities. spitting, invading the personal space of W. And what did W do that was so awful? She tried to get away. Yet in the conflcit scales, they are both equally violent.

    Yep folks this study is highly quoted by your local fanatical men's rights groups (more specifically fathers rights). Now honestly I would like to know if you met up with a stranger on the street and they responded to you in the manner that H did to W (screaming, spitting, personal space invasion), would you sit there and listen, or would you try to get away from the lunatic? Gee that was a no-brainer. So what gives a man the right to treat a woman in this fashion? Just because they are married or in a relationship? Staistically speaking (this is true research from the FBI), a man who is convicted of killing an intimate partner gets 1/2 the time that a woman would get for killing her intimate partner. Sentences for men (the unpublicized cases), a man can typically receive a 10 yr or less sentence for killing his wife or girlfriend.

    Wake up folks and smell the coffee. DV is everywhere, men do it way more than women, and unless we hold them accountable, it will never end. This means automatic jail. Helping women become self sufficient (not having to rely on alimony or child support). Provide better temporary housing for survivors (apartments - not shelters). Give women GOOD attoys for court, not overworked underpaid legal aid lawyers. Enough evidence for RO, no custody of children - automatic. DV means no custody of kids.

    Source(s): I have spent the last 4 years gathering info on dv and I am a survivor.
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    Domestic voilence, crime, murder, rape, single mothers, divorces etc are less in the Islamic World then te Western World.

    I totally agree with you, Western nations have far more immorals and are degrading then we Muslims, i also have proof, stats, evidence to back this up.

    Fact is Islam protects women, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) liberated Women from Slavery, gave them equal rights, property, business amongst many things so rest ma case there.

    Its amazing what one can realise with a bit of research, finding out the truth.


  • Anonymous
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    Domestic violence can happen to anyone (Man or Woman), anywhere and at any time.

    It's doesn't matter who they are.

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    cant blame islam for this 1 lovey, domestic violence has no religion nor race nor gender can be female to male violence

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