Christians, If God Has A Divine Plan For Our Lives....?

Then wouldn't that make praying pointless? Since god has this divine plan for our lives and knows what will happen in it, that would mean he also knows what we will get and what we won't.

For example, if I prayed for a house to live in and I die never getting that house, you would say it wasn't in god's plan for me to get that house right. Then that would mean it didn't matter if I prayed for it or not.

Which brings me back to my question, if god has a divine plan for our lives wouldn't praying be pointless, and wouldn't that make what the bible says about praying false?

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    As much as the others here have tried to rationalize it, there is a bit of contradiction in prayer if you believe God has already worked out every detail in his divine plan. It doesn't matter whether you're asking for a new house, or strength to make it through the week, there is a logical breakdown.

    Perhaps there are some people who never ask for something in prayer; they may just have bond inducing conversations (one-way mind you) with God. But I'm going to venture a guess that the majority use prayer to ask for something.

    "I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."

    --Stephen Hawking

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    God does have an individual plan for your life..... a plan for good. Whether your follow His plan is up to you. You have to have fellowship with Him to find out what it is, and you have to obediently follow His leadership through Jesus & the Holy Spirit. You can get off path by wrong choices, wrong motives, etc. You can also get back on with repentence and obedience, but be prepared to miss the original and best plan He had for you and get on a plan altered by consequences from your bad choices.

    Also, you have to understand that prayer is not a magic wand to ask for things. Prayer is conversation with God. He has some specific instructions for us about how to pray, when to pray, what to pray. It will take you some time, but you would do well to research "prayer" in the scriptures and understand it better in order to get the most benefit from it. You need to develope an attitude of thankfulness, humility, and surrender of yourself to God's will for your life. He will respond to this.

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    Which is why it makes no sense to talk about a divine plan for our lives in the sense that most people talk about it.

    The divine plan only refers to the idea that God wants each life to fulfill their purpose of loving God and those around them. How we get to that point is of no concern to the almighty.

    There is a bigger problem with an overarching divine plan then praying... It renders reponsibility unstable. if God plans our life, then we are not responsible for the things we do or don't do.

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    God's plan for our lives is analogous to the State's plan for our public education.

    The State does not dictate exactly what you may be and what you will be allowed to do upon completion.

    Some achieve better results than others.

    Similarly, in God's plan we are participants, and in fact, co-creators.

    The objective is finite perfection for Goal #1.

    The pathway thereto is one which we are free to choose within certain limits of that which is possible.

    God does not attempt the non-doable: that which is contrary to infinite wisdom.

    However, we are called upon "to be perfect, even as your Heavenly Father."

    Our pilgrimage on that pathway begins in this life.

    Our status at the end of this life determines our next sphere of progression. We begin at the point where we have left off.

    The State offers help at the beginning, necessary for true civilization and maximal societal potential. Some attendance is mandatory, but only for a while.

    God offers us all boundless help. But only those who are seeking find it. God does not coerce, but does offer a fair, merciful and just chance.

    Those who wish to decline it all, are even free to choose non-existence at some point which is fair and just, when they are sufficiently mature and knowledgeable concerning that in which they decline to have a part.

    This is sufficient for your Q.

    But there is ample information available for those who wish more.


    Do students ask the teacher for help?

    Should we not ask help of Our Great Teacher?

    Do students ever thank their teacher?

    Should they not do so?

    (Have you any other Q's to add to this?)

    Asking questions could lead to maximum finite perfection, if you also choose the Best Answer. After that, there will be further goals...

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    The point of prayer is not in getting things. Prayer is a ‘transforming friendship’ that provides something more than getting answers. This ‘transforming friendship’ is the setting in which we develop our confidence in God’s care. Here we prove that he is looking out for us. By prayer we do not merely get the gifts; we also get to know the giver. In prayer we hear his heartbeat, grasp his agenda and begin to identify with his plans for us and our world. This is something that is summed up in the words of the Lord’s Prayer: "Your Kingdom Come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10) Prayer is one of the ways that God invites us into a creative partnership that includes us in the process of exploring the margins of the future. God may know the future but we do not. Prayer is a journey of discovery in which God helps us to get a handle on what he is thinking and doing.

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    prayer is NEVER i repeat NEVER pointless. when someone prays they are controlling their own destiny. God knows what will happen if you make any choice, he know which choice you ultimately will make. with out prayer you can't feel the prompting of the spirit. you have to ask for things to know, God wont just tell them to you because he knows that you want to know, "ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you" you have to pray to gain a testimony of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. With out that you cant live with God in his kingdom of Glory.

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    God has a divine plan for the life of everyone, but remember we are free willed agents God made us such, so he will respect our free will though He will continue to work on us, continue to appeal to our heart to heed His plan for us...I believe most of us miss out calling..And yes we ought to pray always even if only prayers of thanks giving....

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    The premise of the questions is weak. "IF" denotes hypothetical and any attempt to answer an IF question lacks reality because it does not exist.

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    There is something called "the principle of incarnation'... which is very interesting.

    This principle shares that God works along with man. For God to do anything to accomplish His eternal divine Plan, He actually became a Man in order to carry this out. This man as we know is Jesus Christ.

    God never desired to do anything alone.

    He has always had a desire in His heart to work along with man and through man.

    When God created the animals, He did not go ahead and name them, but in the principle of incarnation, Adam named the animals.

    God could have built the ark, but again, in the principle of incarnation, Noah and his family built the ark in order to carry out God's interest on the earth at that time.

    God never intended to be Objective, and just Outside from us. He has always desired to one day be received by man as man's life and everything.

    How is the principle of incarnation carried out? Through Prayer. Prayer allows all that God desires and all that God has Willed to be carried out on the Earth as it is in the heavens. There are some things that God will be kept back from doing because we have failed to pray on the earth in oneness with Him,

    Do you know why Daniel was such a man of preciousness in God's eyes?

    God could count on Daniel to pray. Prayer is not just about asking God to do things concerning US. Prayer is communicating with God so that He can have a way to bring His will in the Heavens upon the earth.

    This is one of the main items of the way the Lord taught His disciples to pray. Mainly that the Father's Will and Kingdom come on earth as it is in the Heavens!

    Today, Christ is the Head and we are His Body on the earth. If the head desires to do something but the Body decides that it is not going to move according to the dictates and desires of the head, then nothing happens. How do we know what the Will of the Head is? Through Prayer.

    Praying in the Holy Spirit ( Jude 1:20) and praying in spirit ( Eph 6:18).

    God wants to be One with man. He created man as such a wonderful vessel to contain Him, express Him, represent Him, bear His Image and Likeness.

    We should be careful if we say that just because God already has a divine plan that we should just remain passive and allow it to happen. We need to always be mindful that there is a principle of incarnation, where God and Man work together to carry out what is on God's heart.. ( Matt 16:19; 18:19)

    This is a top blessing that God has bestowed onto the Church as the Body of Christ. This is our privilege as those who love God.

    The most powerful weapon that the church possesses is Prayer. Prayer unlocks all that God has already Willed in the Heavens UNTO the earth( Matt 6:10)

    Prayer binds US together in Oneness and the enemy is afraid of the strenght of oneness. Prayer causes us to drop everything, all the concerns, all the cares to just focus on whats on God's heart. In praying for whats on God's heart, He is able to take care for whats on our heart, because He is the searcher of hearts and thoughts.

    If you have an account filled with a lot of money in the bank and this remains only as a fact,but you never take the action to go to the bank to draw from these riches then you will remain in your poor state. THis is prayer... and its not just for us to get something from God, but its a way for God to get what He desires too.

    Prayer is our lifeline. Prayer is our intimate time with this One that we are loving. The communication lines go both way. God not only wants to hear our voices, but He wants to be able to speak to us as well. Praying in the Holy Sprit with our regenerated spirit gives us a way to have this kind of relationship with God.

    So may we learn to pray. Asking the Lord to teach us how to pray and to unload us of all the concepts that we have related to prayer.

    Luke 11:1

    " And while He was in a certain place praying, when He ceased, a certain one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray, even as John also taught his disciples"

    If its one thing that enemy of God wants to STOP on this earth its PRAYER.

    You know what.. this was really a good question and I am glad that you posted it.

    In Christ


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    no. praying is not only about getting what we want. do so more research on what prayer really is.

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