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Best finisher?

i personally love sweet chin music

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    sweet chin music

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    When it comes to finishers, i look at a few different things than other people. i try and pay attention to crowd reaction, total effectiveness, creativity, originality

    no particular order....

    RKO (i know its simple, but its what he puts into it and quick he hits it, along with crowd reaction, being that he's a heel. the fans love it and you do too!!..... if u watched Smmrslm 04, listen to the crowd reaction.... RR 08, again, crowd reaction.... his finisher gets some of the loudest finisher pop in the company)

    Sweet Chin Music

    Million Dollar Dream


    Canadian Destroyer

    Anaconda Vice (Why in the hell doesnt he use that anymore)



    DDT (ONLY when used by jake roberts, that was the best finisher during his time right above the tombstone)

    I use to love Earthquake's "Earthquake" lol.

    among many others....

    BUT if i had to pick one....... it would have to be the tombstone. i literally dont see too many guys gettin up from the tombstone.

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    The Best Finisher is Gogoplata the name of Undertaker's new submission move.

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    As far as effectiveness, nothing can beat the Stone Cold Stunner.

    As far as a "Holy S**T" Move, two words, one phrase, all awesome: Canadian Destroyer

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    The Gringo Killer/ Vertabreaker done by Homicide

    and my personal favorite is The Unprettier done by Christian Cage.

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    Scott Steiner's "Frankensteiner" back in the 90's.

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    Raven's Even Flow DDT is my favorite.

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