How does someone FORCE Christianity on another?

Are they tying people down to chairs?

Holding guns to their family members?

Breaking into their houses and making them listen?


lol star

you might want to hire protection

Update 2:


So if atheists try to persuade society and the gvt (which is what we all do in a democratic society) to bend to their ways of thinking then is that forcing their beliefs too?

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    they are forcing our children to learn pseudo-science in schools (intelligent design is not on an equal level with evolution as a theory, and christians show a lack of logic and common sense by claiming the scientific community is trying to trick them or lie to them)

    they show a refusal to accept any scientific findings that contradict the bible, no matter how valid

    they are hurting the progression of science with their knee-jerk reactions

    they are trying to lobby the government to take away women's rights to birth control and to terminate her pregnancy

    they are trying to teach our children abstinence-only education instead of a healthy combination of abstinence and contraceptive education

    they are hurting the development of AIDS progression in Africa by denying funding to groups that do not teach abstinence-only education and stopping funding of condoms

    an atheist cannot be elected to public office because christians view them as "morally deprived" and worse than the worst criminals

    they are slowly chipping away at the United States' separation of church and state, taking away everyone's right to religious freedom

    ADD: atheism is not a religion. all atheists want is the freedom to do and believe what they like, within the laws of society. all we want is for our country to be secular like it was supposed to be, and for there to be separation between church and state. our requests do not hurt your freedoms in the slightest.

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    I was never given a choice, I was brought up with the assumption that I would follow the ways of the Lord and live up to my responsibilities as a citizen of the Kingdom. Call that "force" if you like, and as I grew, I came to understand that my parents did the right thing. No tying, just teaching. No guns, just grace. No breaking in, just His living in --from the start.

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    My my... you have not met the Christians that hang out at Random places, gets in your face and tells you in a very very condescending way "Have you found Jesus"

    Good for you then. Because I really hope you will never meet these Jesus-Nazis. They have this strange way of annoying you, no matter what answer you give them.

    They are probably androids sent by the Christian churches to brainwash the world.

  • Be ignoring the signs out there you give them! :P That's what I think Atheists call Brain washing? Your relationship with God and yourself is only up too you. They! need to respect that. At times I wonder for the J.W's out there if I should great them with a Shotgun!??? Rock Salt or live ammo. I already, by Gods Grace made my peace with Him. Have they and "do they feel lucky? PUNK!???

    It's a matter of choice really. Are you a child of the Light or of Darkness, the choice is up to you and you may of may not pay for it. It's up to you!


    Source(s): I think they now try to use money, gold, whatever. I will say this as someone who knows. A KoC member for years now. How "Rich" are they? My observations!
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    historically, throughout history, from the founding of the pilgrims to as late as the 1950's and into the 60's christianity was dominate.

    I remember one story where a man was fined 50$ for swearing the name of Jesus.

    in some places you still get fines for swearing in public. this is completely a christian Moral forced upon society. its hypocritical in my opinion. mountain and molehill. choke on a gnat.

    the rebellion into witchcraft and sorcery and even into devil worship hinges on how much christians in america alone have oppressed unbelievers.

    in the catholic church and witch hunts the war was so much worse. the inquistions were HORENDOUS and Abominable in the eyes of God, but historically it was forced upon all of europe. the pilgrims fled this kind of religious persecution. King James created his own translation because of the oppression of the Catholic church.

    shall i go on?

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    Social pressure.

    Making a person feel like they are outcasts or worse if they don't pretend to be Christians.

    This only produces hypocrites, not Christians.

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    Hi Cadisney!!

    I guess it could be constant screaming from a preacher or something like that.

    God Bless, Luv ya =)

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    THANK YOU!!!

    I just saw one Christian girl accusing others of doing this, I thought: Give me a break!

    All Christians believe in free will.

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    I can see parents forcing their religion on their children.

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    by being obnoxious. feigning ignorance won't convince anyone that Christians are not forcing their beliefs on others.

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