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Waxing, shaving, epilating or hair removal cream? Which works best for you and why?

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    Shaving- it quick and convenient but hair grown back fast and it can cause bumps, irritation, ingrown hair and those nicks from the blades we hate!

    Epilators- kinda hurt but they remove the hair by pulling it out of the follicle so hair doesn't grow back so fast

    Waxing- hurts but not as bad as people say ..the hair takes longer to grow back and grows back thinner ( at least in my experience)

    -Treading hurts but it is good

    -There is also a method callled sugaring which is excellent for sensitive skin

    It all depends on the convenient they are and how much they are willing to spend. Also on the the winter time you can kinda get away with some hair on ur legs so why spend the money on waxing. In the summer though, you don't want to have shaving on ur mind every time u run out the dooor maybe it u should spend the extra money for that waxing.. All depends!!!

    I alternate with the season !!

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    Hun, waxing is absolutely bullshit in my opinion. All the sticky stuff on the actuall pad things just stick to my legs all the time and make it all horrible. Waxing however, if done properly by a beautician for example, if quite good because it'll remove your hair for a good 2-3 weeks before starting to grow again.

    I have alot of extremely dark and thick hair, shaving is the quickest option, but it just grows back the next day all prickly and horrible. I use this option regulary purely because it is less painful and quicker.

    I own an epilator which I use when I have the time. It will be painful if you have never used one, but once you are used to it then it's as if you can't even feel it! I like epliating becuase it makes your skin feel smoother, and you can't see the dark hair unerneath your skin as epilating pulls it from the root.

    Removal cream is quite good, depending on which one you have. I have some, but I have only ever used it twice as it is quite annoying when you have to stand around for ten minutes while it does its job and you can't wear any clothes as it'll just stick to them, so if you want to get hair away from places you dont want exposed then it's pretty annoying having to stand there basically half naked XD

    It did work though, but it'll take a lot of time doing it and you have to grow your hair quite a lot for it to work.

    Hope this helped.

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    Waxing, shaving, epilating or hair removal cream? Which works best for you and why?

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    I don't like waxing, not very comfy. shaving..i don't prefer it cuz when your hair grows back, it's all pointy. have you ever wondered y guys have pointy hair over their lips? because when they shave, it grows back that way. I like hair removal cream the best. it kinda tickles when its on your skin, but thats ok. its kinda relaxing actually. Nair works really well! Don't use it too often. Maybe like once a week. Every sunday night would probably be good. hair doesn't grow back that fast. smooth legs will last for a while. if you use it too often, thats not really too good for your skin and hair. when you use nair, make sure you read all the directions carefully. don't leave it on for too long. 3-5 minutes is sufficent. don't use soap on the areas of hair removal right after. i hope that helps you!

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    Do not do home waxing - i did it the other day and took some skin off as well - so painful! The hair removal creams stink but get the job done but personally i would go for shaving; it takes less time, even if you have to do it more often.

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    Depends where!

    Legs and underarms - shave every morning in the shower - never want to see a hair on either and waxing needs to let them grow!

    Eyebrows - threading - much nicer shape and less shine than anything else. Tweeze inbetween sessions.

    Bikini line - waxing.

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    Shaving's fastest, waxing hurts, but it's good, removal cream takes too long but good results.

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    You should definetly use hair removel cream because shaving you can cut your self and i am sure you dont want cuts on your pretty legs. Lol and waxing it hurts alot sometimes it takes your skin off and it hurts alot.

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    That really depends on the area. I favour waxing top lip but epilating is good for legs so long as you obey the rules.Creams are a waste of time for me................

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    Waxing - the pain dies down after a few times and it's bearable.

    and it lasts LONG. Waay longer than everything else. Also, the hair grows back sparser and thinner each time :)

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