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Mom wont let me buy anything part 2?

Hi i'm back...

Its saturday now and i wake up thinking now my parents have time to drive me to toys r us . I wake up make my bed eat breakfst I ask again. THis time my dead sais no my mom says never. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


My parents R the stupidest people ever

Their first excuse to not let me have my nerf gun is because i dont have any money but I do, Ive got 50$.

Excuse 2:

Turkey bacon will go sour or what ever.

Excuse 3:

I dont feel like it.

Excuse 4:

You havent behaved well lately.

What the Hell should i do. I came back from my vacation its spring break and I wanted to have an intense war with my friends. now school starts in 2 days. I this week has been miserable.

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    turkey bacon?

    be patient. grow up.

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    Oh hon, it sounds like you are having a bit of a rough time. Buying something isn't going to make you feel better though.

    It's nice that you got up and made your bed etc. but did you ever think of doing it for no reason? that will impress your parents more. and calling them stupid behind their backs probably isn't helping your cause right now.

    they love you, and are probably wishing things would turn around for you as well.

    my son is also going through a rough time, and i don't do anything for him when he has an attitude. but there are times (too few LOL), that he will do stuff for no apparent reason.

    (but i guess there's always a reason!)

    so to make things go your way more, try to be more positive and just do stuff for the sake of helping out. not expecting anything in return.

    but know that, if you are doing good things, it will come back to you..eventually :)

    good luck hon. hang in there :)

  • 4 years ago

    Tell her that you think you are mature and comfortable enough to handle tampons. She will appreciate the fact that you talked to her and told her what you were going through, maybe she has a good reason for you not to wear them, make sure to ask questions, you deserve to know why she doesn't want you to. She'll see how mature you are and she might just be convinced, she may surprise you. Other than that, there is no age limitation on buying tampons in stores.

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    first of all wouldnt u rather spend your money on something better than toys r us stuff......... second of all if u have 50 dollars then ask another family member or friends parents to take u so u can buy it yourself........... third of all in a couple months you will get tied of the nerf thingy or loose it or it will break or something........... and lastly how old r u that u still like playing with nerf stuff like 9

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    Well I think you shouldnt be swearing so much if your going to Toys R Us....

    Anyways, behave better and next weekend (after behaving all week) tell them that you have money. Dont get so mad so fast, that doesnt prove anything. Your acting like a child and thats probably why they say you havent been behaving.

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    This is why I dread my daughter hitting the teenage years. Teenagers don't appreciate anything.

    Your parents just took you on vacation and you're complaining that they don't want to drive you to toys r us on a Saturday morning? They work all week long and probably don't want to get out of the house right now. Your attitude sucks and no wonder they won't buy you anything.

    What should you do? Suck it up and realize that your parents don't exist to cater to your every want and desire.

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    explain to your parents that it would mean a lot to you if they would take you there so you can buy it with your own money and then go outside and enjoy your last days of spring break having water fights with your friends and getting out and getting "physical activity." (try to make your reasons sound as grown-up as possible without a hint of begging or theyll probably just brush you off)

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    You might as well just go ahead and cuss them out now. It's not like it's going to change anything anyways. They seem like they are set on NOT getting you one so you should just give them HELL.

    Your parents sound like jerks and you should just get it over with and go off on them. They are obviously selfish parents. I would never do this to my kids especially if they were going to use their own money.

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    get over it. nobody gets everything they want. atleast you dont have like someone dying or you dont have cancer or your mom isn't on drugs or something like that. if the "intense war" is really a big deal to you go with a friend to toys r us or just borrow someone elses

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    Walk there or take a bus. Or see if a friend is going to the store and ride with them. Good Luck.

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    They just don't have time to go the the store to get your toy. Maybe wait until next time you are in the car and you pass toys R us.

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