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Tell me a paragraph about sports please?

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Sports Figure Cut-outs from Judy Nash: Judy worked with the social studies teacher during summer school. Present students with a number of images on Greek pottery - show attic black and attic red figures. Students first learned a quick history of the Olympics and then picked an event from the summer games to pair up with a student they felt comfortable with. (A few had an adult trace them). The were instructed to either lie on the floor or stand up against a wall (whichever fit the sport better) and to trace each other. Then painted them with black acrylic paint - leaving some of the outlining cross contours white for definition (stronger than tempera) . Figures were cut out and hung with other events that were similar. Some as the equestrian and kayaking were hung alone. The next part of the lesson was to go to the library and do book and internet research on the sport they chose and to find an athlete who competed in it and learn about him or her. The whole lesson worked out great. The students loved it and it allowed some to help other if they chose not to be traced. All of the events in our summer Olympics are scored by points. Each member of each group earned 1 point for cooperation and 1 for participation. Points are tallied at the end of each week. Those with all points allowed got to display a gold medal for each day and silver for those who earned all but one point....etc. with bronze, aluminum and plastic being awarded in that order so that all teams will earn something. The last day of the summer program (the opening day of the real Olympics) the students will be competing in events such as egg toss, 3-legged races etc. Other events such as a jeopardy game , scavenger hunt, and cleaning duties could earn even the non athletic members points. You might want to consider making some permanent cut-out figures to hang in your gymnasium. Figures could be cut from sign board and painted -- then hung high up on the walls.


hope i helped =D

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  • tell me a paragraph about sports please?
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