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Which is the island of Madonna's la isla bonita?

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  • Luvvie
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    1 decade ago
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    Nobody knows for sure but.........

    Much has been made of the song's reference to 'San Pedro' and the island to which the song title refers. Some believe the island is Ambergris Caye in the nation of Belize, as the song may also mention the principal village, San Pedro Town. However, Gaitsch has mentioned that at the time, Madonna was spending time in a US town of the same name, and both Madonna and then husband Sean Penn were good friends with San Pedro, California poet and novelist Charles Bukowski. Puerto Rico is thought to be "La Isla Bonita" due to the reference of salsa being danced in the streets by the island natives. Madonna herself hasn't helped speculation, referring to the song as being only a tribute to Latin America and its people, to an island and to herself.

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