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Why does 1% of the world rule the other 99%?

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    at least half of th 99% dont have their act together enough.

    So many people do not want to believe THAT IT TAKES A LOT OF BORING STUDY to know enough to get over.

    And then you find out there are A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE IN SCHOOL TOO.

    So it takes even more boring practice and study to get ahead of them.

    Remember those ice skaters? 1 socks the other in the knee?

    Why practice to be the better ice skater. just beat up the competition. We have come to believe THAT THERE IS an easy way.

    So of course they are taken advantage of by people who know better.


    And just maybe , the more determined RESENT what they see as lazy fools....................

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    why are the 99% let them do it? why they don`t stand-up for what`s their? why can`t they speak out? because you the world are made like this. like ants and bees, and any other types that live with 1% leader and then the followers. this is how it goes and it will never change. the ants and the bees thaugh do know where their place is, what they`re supposed to do with their life and live with more respect than the human do and without destroying their sorrounding.

    few thing that the human intelligence took away.

    live with respect, knowing where you belong and your purpose in life. creativity and imagination. workmanship and craftmen. spirituality and healthy life.

    so, while the 1% knows how to get from you, you, you don`t have a clue of how it goes and therefor how to get back from them. and that`s exactly what they want, to do it right under your nose without you knowing it.

    if the only thing you can do is simply to sit down and play video games at the age of 23 or more, don`t ask then why the 1% can rule you. they enjoye keeping you busy at home at being lazy in the front of any screens ( t.v., p.c. ) what do you do for the world then?

    2 choices; being intelligent? or being smart?

    a being of hait? or a being of love?

    whatever the choice, only you choose it. nobody else!!

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    Because 99% of the wealth is with the 1% of the world. because 96.7% of the people do not take risks and allow the 2.3% to rule them...

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    Because the more people deciding, the harder or longer it is to make choices (but really, the choices could be better when considered longer). And the people at the top don't like to share.

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    Greed + power = global domination

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    a political system governed by the wealthy people

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