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What do You Want In WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2009?

More Matches Types

Last Ride Match

Punjabi Prison

Casket Match

Bra and Panties

3 Stages of Hell

ECW extreme rules match

Money In the Bank

Inferno Match

Bull Rope Match

+ More


All Superstars from RAW, Smackdown and ECW


Ric Flair

Hulk Hogan

The Rock

Stone Cold

Bret Hart

Vince McMahon

Roddy Piper

Hollywood Hogan

+ More


Smackdown HD Arena

RAW HD Arena

ECW HD Arena

Royal Rumble 2008

No Way Out 2008

Wrestlemania 24

Backlash 2008

Judgement Day 2008

One Night Stand 2008

Vengence 2008

The Great American Bash 2008

Summerslam 2007

Unforgiven 2007

No Mercy 2007

Survivor Series 2007

Armargeddon 2007


Floyd Money Mayweather

Wrestlemania 3 Arena

Andre the Giant

Ministry of Darkness Undertaker

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    -A better season mode.

    -99% of the roster.

    -Go around backstage during street fight matches.

    -Walk around backstage during season.

    -Floyd "MONEH" Mayweather!!

    -More weapons.

    -Better commentating.

    -8 man MITB ladder match.

    -Go for other titles in season. (IC, US, Women's, Tag Team Titles and Cruiserweight)

    -Simpler controls.

    -If you win MITB in season, you actually get to cash it in ANYTIME you want ANYWHERE.

    -ECW playable in season mode.

    -Store up to 2 or 3 finishers.

    -More matches.

    -Better AI.

    -Be a true face or heel during season.

    -Make big choices in season mode.

    -Over 9000 storylines in season mode.

    -Attack people after their matches in season mode to make a statement.

    -Put people out of action in season mode.

    -and more.

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    All the matches from smackdown v Raw 2008 plus Punjabi prison match, Texas bullrope match and a stretcher match.


    I would like to see the wild somans, Superstar Billy Graham , King Kong Bundy and Vader for some legends. Also the complete rosters for each show.


    The new HD arenas, Wrestlemania 24 Arena and all the arenas from the upcoming ppv


    Floyd Mayweather is a good idea, but Id like to see undertaker when he was the american badass more, also doink the clown and kamala wrestlemania 3 is also a good idea

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I want a better created wrestler storyline,

    You make a wrestler and start off in FCW gradually building your way up to main event FCW and then job on dark matches for Smackdown or ECW and gradually build your way up to TV matches along the way performing different challenges such as (You have to win 10 TV matches before your eligible for a PPV Dark match and stuff like that)

    And eventually when you get to TV Raw or Smackdown you get to go on tours around the world, So you dont just do Raw or Smackdown every week - But you have to do the house shows aswell.

    I also want them to go back to simpler controls because it is getting really hard.

    Better graphics and less glitches in the game.

    Non repeditive commentary.

    A HUGE VARIETY of different storylines you can be part of.

    I wouldnt mind if they made it a 3 disc game to account for the size of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    - Have more superstars the previous svr roster was way too little and i hope each superstar has 2 attires

    - Improve the royal rumble elimination like try to push the wrestler up instead of just strangling him out

    - Stop making the AI stupid, during mitb or ladder matches the wrestler will keep climbing the ladder even when the ladder is far away from the belt/briefcase

    - Have special guest refree, bra & panties, inferno, casket and the classic boiler room match

    - Improve the buried alive match i don't want to just throw my opponent into the casket and secure the victory, i want to ride the bulldozer and throw the sand

    - Have a create your own championship and tag team entrance

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    More specialty matches

    More superstars(most preferably the whole roster)

    More arenas

    More legends

    Unlockable video clips

    They used to have those mini games.It was a fun time killer

    A wider variety of relevant storylines.I had Undertaker walking around as Johnny Nitro's fashion protege in 2007.Do you realise how retarded that was?

  • 1 decade ago


    Money In the Bank


    The full roster


    Madison garden square


    Vince Mcmahon and Hornswoggle

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The inferno match is a nice addition, but I hated 2008 so I am hoping the controls will be improved.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alot more Divas!

  • 1 decade ago

    No one.

  • 1 decade ago

    to not air on tv

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