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position to play?

im 5"9 170 LB and bench 210 i played O-Line this year but want to play d-line

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    I was the same size in high school I always played corner and safety. You can get some awsome licks in and you have a better chance of getting your hand on the ball, making some points and being the hero. just work on your speed and vertical jump and number one thing for a D-back is never take your eye off the quarter back. If you see him drop back then you drop back and try not to get burned on the pass

    Remember when you drop back that its better to let the short pass get in front of you and run up to tackle him than to let the long pass get behind you and have to try to run him down

    one other thing as long as the man is on his feet the ball is still in play so if your linemen or linebacker has him wrapped up dont be afraid to run up and knock the **** out of him

    "try the back feild I think you'll like it I know I loved it

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    Don't ask position on here, people will compare your height and weight to that of star college players that are in the draft this year. People are stupid and don't realize there's a difference between college stars and freshmen in high school. You'll be ok on the line, just keep lifting to put on more weight. I'm a DT/DE and have all the same stuff as you but ever since I started working out with my legs alot more I weigh 205.

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    you played the line?

    try Linebacker or HB dude

    if you have the speed

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    better grow to play d line

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    you would be better to play wr, te, cb, or saftey because of height and speed

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    def. end

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