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computer mouse?

if i dont have a mouse pad for my wireless mouse, what else would work>????

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    Depends on the mouse -- wire or not, no matter. Ball mice will work on any surface that isn't slick...sometimes paper or lint-free cloth (synthetic) does the trick. Optical mice work well with similar surfaces but if the texture is too strong or there is a visually contrasting pattern, the laser may jump or get stuck occasionally.

    I use an optical in bed...used to have a pad, but finally got tired of it and tried directly on the (solid color) cotton sheets. It works fine and I've not wanted to go back, though I'm sure my mouse is eating a little more lint than it

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    If it's wireless, then it's optical too. If it's optical, it doesn't need a mouse pad.

    Seriously, just put it on your desk. As long as your desk doesn't have black and white stripes, you're fine.

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