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Past simple VS Present perfect

Explain the following, why it should past simple and why it should use present perfect.

(1) I have read(Present perfect) a lot this week, but i have to get the book completely finished by this weekend

(2) A: Shall I make us some dinner? It's alreadt 8 o'clock. B: No thanks. I went(Past simple) to the dentist this afternoon and my mouth hurts too much to eat anything

(3) I have had(Present perfect) three lectures today and i still have teo more later this afternoon.

(4) It was so hot today that I wore(Past simple) shorts and a T-shirt at work

(5) We have spent(Present perfect)$200 on food this month and there's another week to go before I get paid

(6) A: Do you want a lift home? B:No, I overslept(Past simple) this morning because my alarm clock didn't go off, so I need to work late

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    Simple past 係簡單過去式, 即係你好簡單地邁出呢一分鐘之前所做或所發生的事, 而 Present perfect係現在將來式, 即係你現在所做的事, 一直會維持到你做完為止, 而以上每句句子都係咁分別.

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