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Even though Godzilla is a Japanese monster, do any American actors star in any of his movies?

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    ...well, as far as American actors in Japanese giant monster movies, or 'daikaiju', which is what they're called in Japan, initially, the American footage was spliced strategically into the original Japanese version of the film, when the film was imported into the U.S.; as a result, you had stars like Raymond Burr, in "Godzilla, King of the Monsters" & "Godzilla 1985", Albert Dekker & Brian Donlevy, in the original "Gamera", and Eric Carter & Arnold Johnson, in "King Kong vs. Godzilla" (...though the last two provided something less than star power to the proceedings in the film)

    ...however, as the Japanese viewing audience were progressively drawn toward the star power of U.S. actors, the actors were actually made part of the production, when the film was first produced; as a result, you had well-known box office sensations like Nick Adams, in films like "Invasion of Astro Monster" ("Godzilla vs. Monster Zero") & "Frankenstein Conquers the World", and Russ Tamblyn, in "War of the Gargantuas"...

    ...with the exception of those mentioned, most U.S. actors, which were cast in these productions, played pretty much less than secondary characters, which stood out as a bit curious, unusual and sort of out of place, but were ultimately deemed negligible....

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    "Godzilla" starring Matthew Broderick really isn't the same as the Japanese "Godzilla" movies. Since it isn't a Japanese-made film, it shouldn't count, should it? Or else, you'd have a long list of actors and actresses.

    Raymond Burr portrays the character Steve Martin in "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!" aka "Gojira" (1955). He reprised the role almost 30 years later in "Godzilla 1985" aka "The Return of Godzilla" (the second time that title was used).

    I don't recall any other American actors. Nick Adams is in "Frankenstein Conquers the World" (1965).

    "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004) has this near the top of the cast listing: Don Frye ... Douglas Gordon (Captain of the Gôten) (film debut). I wouldn't call that starpower.

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    Raymond Burr started in the first film

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    Raymond Burr starred in the very first one.

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    YEA!!!!!!!! lol the godzilla that was made in 1998 90% were american/canadian actors!

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    Yea. Matthew Broderick was in the 1999 verson when the thing was in NYC

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    yeah in the exaggerated American version with Matthew broderick

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