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Miniature horses?

I have only miniature horses and everybody makes fun of them at the open shows. Why do people do this they are a horse so what they are a little smaller. Why do people do and say this?

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    Because they are at shows to show off, not beacuse they love horses.

    A true horse lover loves all horses, not just ones that are useful.

    EDIT: Dont forget that bullying comes from a lack of selfestem, if people have to put others down to make themselves feel better I think thats very sad.

    And I can guarantee you what goes around comes around.

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    Because people can be hurtful, and I am sorry you have encountered this from rude people..

    I love all horses, after my classes, I will sit for hours and watch the miniatures, I think they are terrific, I love the little carts, and they show at halter so beautifully.

    don't pay attention to them, enjoy your horses and to heck with them okay,.

    good luck in your shows....hold your head up high and walk tall...

    show people can be so hurtful, I show horses and dogs, and I don't care what anyone else says, I am proud of my animals....

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    It's the nature of competition. They don't like big horses that can beat there horse in a show ether.

    If you want to see the worst in some people a horse show is just the place to go.

    If you want to see the best in people a horse show is just the place to go.

    Oh' ya, they don't like mini's because they SCARE there BIG horses. To bad. =)

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    People are mean, especially show people. If your saddle doesn't have sparkle or "bling", you wear the same show shirt twice, your boots aren't perfect....honestly i used to be one of those types of people. The reason is that, they will say anything and everything to make them self feel superior. It's purely the fact that they pick on everything, because they want to feel better. It's bad and I know I've made a few people even cry. Just have fun, and do what you do best. Don't let what they say get to your head because that's what they want. I stopped showing because I made myself nuts. lol. Competition sometimes changes everything about a person.

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    Right on Krystle.

    Exactly what happens around here.

    And also, people don't take them seriously.

    I've shown a couple minis, but only in AMHA shows, Pinto shows and open shows. In AMHA and Pinto I showed in in-hand jumping and halter with my friends horse, and in an open show I showed my instructors friend horse in driving.

    So people were a little more excepting seeing them doing what they are "supposed" to do.

    There's a lot of breed prejudice people out there.

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    They can eat regular horse feed. Just don't give them as much as you might a normal horse. If they are keeping their weight with just hay then you really don't need to feed them anything else. Be careful you don't over feed them cause minis can gain weight and get fat fast.

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    Don't worry about f*** wits. These people are just up themselves & can only feel tall by puttin' others down. Mini G.G's are the cutest thing around. Interesting that the early ancestor of the horse, "eohippus", was tiny.

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    There idiots and apparently don't belong in the world of horses and not all people who show are bad.

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    Don't let it bother you!

    If you love your horses and you love what you do but showing them, than who cares what they think or say.

    If you hear them talking about you while you are near them and you just say why do you care so much about what I do with my horses?

    I love my horses, and if you really loved horses you wouldn't care what size they are, so worry about your own horses and stay out of my stable!

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    Because they're rude people that no one should waste their time on. Not a lot of people know how affectionate horses' big and small can be.

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