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hi..well i have a 1 minute speech about water for my honors english class and i dont know what to!!!!

a speech about water...any personal experiences about water..anything could be helpful..

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    Well, you can be scholarly and talk about the time you tasted water and it smelled/tasted bad -- then go on to discuss chemicals in our water.

    Or -- you can talk about the first time you swam in the ocean, and how the water tasted salty; then go on to talk about buoyancy and why ocean water is salty. Also, the difference between salt water and "sweet water."

    Or-- you can be humorous and talk about learning to swim.

    Or-- you can be humorous and talk about how when you were little you loved to stomp in puddles.

    Or-- you can talk about playing with water at the beach, and how you learned about making sand castles with moats, and how the ocean wiped it all out.

    Or-- you can talk about the first time you helped someone wash a car, and how you got into a water fight

    Or--the first time you filled balloons with water and dropped them on someone....

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    Water is ever flowing, Water never changes, it just flows. It is never distressed about anything but rather shapes itself to fit. Water in dreams may also suggest child birth according to some studies. People could try to be more like water, carefree and easygoing. Water can be any shape you want it to be. It is a cause of fear for some because no one knows where water like rivers for example can take you. It can lead humans anywhere. It can symbolize life, how you never know whats around the bend

    I m sorry if i m not making sense, but i thought I give it a try

    Hope i helped

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    Our town has several great beaches on the Sound. Well, a student told me once that his mother, when they would go to the beach, would always warn him away from the water.

    She would tell him to watch for the under tow, but he always thought she was saying "watch out for the under toad." He said for most of his youth he thought there was a gigantic amphibian lurking under the water, waiting for him.

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    hmm well you could start with the actual scientific name for water dihydrogen monoxide ( H2O) and then you could talk about the water cycle, the development of drinking water/ various types of drinking water (tap, bottled, flavored, purified), the necessity of water for humans and animals and plants to survive, what water is used for? (to hydrate, cleanse, for fun in a pool...) that should probably cover a minute..don't worry! a minute is not that long if you have a good amount of information to share.

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    well put it this way, if it was YOU that went up , was nervous as hell, and your voice was shaking badly, would you like it if your classmates laughed at you? Honestly, no, i never laughed at anyone who was nervous talking in front of a class. That is mean and cruel. If you can't help it bite your tongue to stop laughing, why would you want to make the person giving the speech feel bad?

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    you can talk about its molecular properties and sound all scientific


    -hydrogen bounds

    or how it is the universal solvent

    it is what keeps all forms of life alive

    it is what allows life to live on this planet, what differentiates it from any other place ever discovered in the universe

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