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Mmk. Is it just me or is David Archuleta the most cutest, humblest, sweetest, nicest, most talented guy ever??

Y David A. will win idol

1) He's cute!!!

2) He's adorable!!!

3) He's talented!!!

4) He's sweet!!!

5) He's the best singer!!!

6) He has great stage presence!!!

7) He's not stuck up!!!

8) He has experience. (star search winner)

The list goes on 4eva but i g2g to a party!!

-Jenna Archuleta

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    yeah. i hope he wins it..his vocals are gd. and he connects with people though his songs. he conveys the message of the song everytime.. he is consistent.. he didnt keep messing up.. the only time he messed up was 2nd week of beatles when he forgot his lyrics. listen to what dolly parton said. i myself have alot of favourite songs, so why cant he ? and yeah, despite i like him alot.. theres stil talented ppl in the show. like cook, white,smithson.

    archuleta rocks

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    David Archuleta is a great singer, don't get me wrong. He has a cute personality along with that. But this competition isn't just about those things, it's about consistency. David Archuleta is anything BUT consistent. 2 weeks (Beatles Week #2 and Birth Year Song Week), he had a very horrible performance. He goes up & down though the weeks, when Michael Johns & David Cook have done nothing but improve. David Archuleta is lucky that he is so cute, & he will make it far because apparently, American tweens can't look past a pretty face. He also FORGOT the words once, & that is one time too many. You can NEVER EVER forget the words to ANY song on this program. If David Archuleta wins (which I'm betting will happen), it just proves that American Idol is a popularity contest, not a talent one. I'm hoping the last 2 will be David Cook & Michael Johns, with David Cook reaching the top. Both have great potential, great voices, great personalities (David isn't arrogant at all; he wears his orange wristband for a girl with cancer named Lindsey Rose), & above all, GREAT consistency. They have improved tremendously.

    In conclusion, he's good, but VERY inconsistent. I mean, honestly, I wouldn't buy his music on my iPod. His voice does get quite boring, he has no variety.

    & using his physical appearance in about half of your reasons doesn't give your credibility any more respect.

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    David Archuleta

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    I love how his family is always trying to promote david for all of these reasons to vote for him as if this is a popularity contest, well we all know that in every popularity contest that there is always another side to someone exposed. If you ever do anything in your lifetime make sure it is not something that you would regret, especially if you have a talent that you could become famous for.

    There have been rumors circulating the internet for some time now about David Archuleta being gay and being involved in a gay relationship with an older man from Massachusetts named Phillip Daggett. These are not just rumors, there is actually much truth behind this. I own a website as well as a couple blogs where people talk about celebrity gossip, etc... People had started talking about these accusations a few weeks back and then made comments about photos that existed of David with Phillip. Before I would allow any of this to be displayed on my website I had emailed the people making this claim of the photos with the assurance that I would not put them on my website, blogs, and that I would not use or send them to anyone else.

    I seen the photos for myself and the two of them were both in these photos. The photos were not altered in any way and they show the two of them together on more than a couple days and places based on the clothing and backgrounds in the photos. There is no denying that the two of them do know each other and have been or are still involved romantically.

    You can check out a website here which talks about david, and in the comments you can see what people have been saying, see for yourself! Also you can check out the myspace of Phillip Daggett and see the message he put out to people emailing him about this as well as a few references which are believed to be directed to David, like the one that says "I'll keep you my dirty little secret" which are also the lyrics to a song, but the placement of this quote says otherwise.

    You all have to see for yourself and make the determination on whether or not you really know David. I do not think that it should matter if he lives a homosexual lifestyle or not, but I am sure that his fans would like to know about his past and who he has been with romantically.

    Gossip Website -

    Myspace Link -

    Many Other Things Online -

    And Also -

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    DAVID COOK SHOULD WIN THIS, unfortunately he doesn't have that super cutesy immature element Like David Archuleta does so he probably won't win.

    Yeah and archuleta messed up a lot so good job picking these winners you are so shallow.

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    it sucks that most people just like him for his looks, i mean he is cute and all but he has a great voice and hes a great performer. I think american idol should let you hear the peoples voices before you get to see what they look like lol :P then a lot of uglier people would have more fans... I actually love his voice and I really wouldn't care if he was ugly. I also think he has a great personality, hes not stuck up or over confident and he seems really sweet.

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    Yes he's humble and sweet but this is a talent competition. Stop liking him just because he's cute, if he didn't have that cute face you probably would like more talented people like David Cook, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson. Admit it, please.

    He is boring now because all he does every week is sing ballads, soooo predictable.

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    I've read a lot about him being gay. I read that he actually slept with a guy named Phillip Daggett. The Philip guy has a MySpace and fully endorses Archuleta and has a haunting quote "I'll keep you my dirty little secret". I'm not sure if he is gay, but he has had some of the habits (hand flourishes) on the show. I don't think his sexuality has anything to do with his angelic voice, but if he would come out he would almost definitely lose since America is not yet ready for an openly gay Idol.

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    you forgot to say:

    Mmk. Is it just me or is David Archuleta the most cutest, humblest, sweetest, nicest, GAYEST, WORST SINGER, guy ever??

    OHHH yea very talented he messed up in some songs! lol wow thats right America keep picking these winners.

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    It's just you, why are you little tweens so shallow? It makes the show a popularity contest, thinking that way.

    Archuleta can't win if this stays a talent competition, he messed up too much.

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