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Can Your College help you get a internship/ job at CIA ?

Can Your College help you get a internship/ job at CIA ?

Can Your College help you get a internship/ job at CIA ?

I am only 17, but this is what I want to do and be. I am extremly athletic(Play 5 sports) and have a 3.2 in my junoir year with 200+ community service hours, marathon runner. I want to go to colleges in the northeast and the schools I am looking at are big with thier co-op. I want to be a PHD pychologist with the CIA. I have a clean background and have never done drugs. I have a tough personality and always think about the greater good and I have a this 6th sence where I can tell when someone is lying or decitful . What should I minor in to get this job. Can my counciler set me up with the CIA while I complete my years at school getting a doctors? Should I start to contact them? Will my counciller help? Should I minor in foriegn languges, inter realations, political science, crimology? WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN as a high school student? How can I get where I want to get.

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    Begin by focusing on applying and being accepted to a high quality undergraduate institution. While you are there, your grades will need to be STELLAR in order to make it into a doctoral program. Doctoral programs in psychology are extraordinarily competitive. Although a 3.2 wil most likely get you into undergrad, it will not make the cut for graduate school. You may be able to keep a sport while completing your undergrad, but it would not be reasonable for you to participate in multiple sports AND expect to have a great GPA (which will be necessary).

    In addition to keeping your GPA up during undergrad, you will want to be involved in research as soon as possible. This is often what will make or break you when applying to graduate school. Start early! Find professors who are willing to take on undergraduates as research assistants. If you can, find someone who has similar research interests as you have.

    Again: begin with a solid undergraduate education. Major in psychology, and get involved in research as soon as humanly possible. Your undergrad minor won't make a difference one way or the other.

    Best of luck to you in your future educational and vocational endeavors,


    p.s. As unfair as this is, here is the bottom line: if you want to work for the CIA - do NOT pursue psychotherapy yourself (at least don't do it on the record). Keep your record CRYSTAL CLEAR: no arrests, NOTHING. Also, don't mention the "6th sense" thing if you ever do get past the application phase for the CIA (they will throw your app straight into the trash - trust me on this one).

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    A psychologist with the CIA is a very lofty goal. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, but it's extremely selective. It's probably not that different than wanting to be a pro athlete. It's a cool dream, and by no means am I trying to discourage you from it, but you shouldn't bet your life on it. There are lots of cool things to do with a Ph.D. in psychology even if it doesn't mean being in Central Intelligence.

    If you did want that position, I can tell you that preference goes to the Ivy League and top few public schools in the country. For most kids, going to an Ivy League or top 2-3 public university is also a pipe-dream, meaning chances are slim.

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  • 4 years ago

    well i just wanted to brag that i have a 3.8 gpa and a 3.2 is really really bad in my opinion id say get a 3.5 or higher even tho that has nothing to do wtih cia business. anyways yea work harder

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