Why Is White Pride Racist?

Have you noticed how every other race has little things to show off their racial pride and unite together like "Latino Pride Club" and "Black Entertainment Television", but if white people started a "White Pride Club", people would be like "WTF NAZIS".

Why is that??

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    1 decade ago
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    ** Don't request this question be deleted from answers - I think it's being asked seriously, not maliciously **

    I've wondered the same thing before. After really thinking about, here's my opinion. It's just a guess.

    Latin is almost like Hispanic in that it's more of a culture than a race. You could have people from Spain with white skin, people from the Carribean with black skin, people from Jamaica with Eastern Indian skin, people from Equador with American Indian skin, and people from Mexico with brown skin, who would all consider themselves Latin for example. However, the Spanish language, certain cooking styles, and Catholic holidays as well as many other similar traditions make them "Latin". That's fine to celebrate, just like it's fine for a white person to celebrating St. Patrick's Day, an Irish holiday or Columbus Day, an Italian holiday. It's even fine to celebrate something about another culture that's not even your own.

    As far as black pride goes, the lines were drawn between white and black people well before we were born from everything from slavery to the NegroLeague in baseball - and those lines were drawn by white people who have long since expired. Black people in the United States who descended from slaves and their masters have a history of oppression that they overcame as a culture through solidarity. White people just don't have that to celebrate as a culture - some sub cultures like Jews or Irish do, but not white people as a whole.

    You didn't mention anything about Asian groups in your questions, what are your thoughts about them appreciating their culture?

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    I would say because we are the majority, but really in the world we are not, Over a billion Chinese make a good start for Asian being the major race on the earth. Maybe it is because we are often in the middle of the $hit that goes on in the world. Is it even true that a "White Pride Club" would be looked down upon in other parts of the world? What is the "race deal" in other parts of the world? Is there even the kind of animosity in most of the rest of the world between races like there is here? Well in places like South Africa the answer is kind of obvious, but how about other places, like Argentina or Turkey or Romania or...? I don't really know. I know I was in Western Europe in 1975 and it seemed like people didn't really pay attention to the color of peoples skin so much, but I was only there for 69 days and I am sure that it is different to live there, so I really do not know what the rest of the world thinks about our problems with racial harmony. Good Question.

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    Everyone comes from a rough history, no one moreso than anyone else. I also see more racism against whites these days than anyone else. This also has to do with the fact that there is a racist in the White House now too who will continue to give special treatment to groups that he deems special. I am VERY proud of my half German half Swedish ancestry but I'm far from being a racist. I also think that people get frustrated with their own lives and how they have navigated themselves. But, it's easier to blame it on the white man than to accept responsibility for their own choices and actions. Plus, please remember that whites did NOT go overseas and steal people from Africa. There was a buyer and a seller, so they can also hate their own African ancestors because they made plenty of money off of their own people. I could care less about race, I look at the character of the person and not too many people these days have admirable character...this goes for ALL humans.

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    1 decade ago

    For the millionth time, no one ever said white pride is racist. It's the groups such as the KKK and Neo Nazi's that preach it who are racist.

    People probably say that it's racist because anyone including myself that ever here of anyone using that phrase is apart of either group.

    There is nothing wrong with having pride in your roots and heritage, it's the hate speeches that are wrong and a form of bigotry.

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    1 decade ago

    Black Entertainment TV - it's tv for black people.. it's not a pride or community for black people.

    White Pride - was a line shouted by racist hooligans.. and still is.

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    5 years ago

    why do only white countries have to be multicultural, try that in the middle east and see what happens lol. The ones who leave there own country in my opinion are weak and not the best, why don't they fix there own countries instead of leaving like cowards?

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    NOw why don't you have pride in your culture .Ie irish pride,english pride , russian pride ?? Why does it have to be a race thing with anyone ???

    Why do you need to use race instead of just your culture .I think your are also mixing up white pride with the kkk efforts

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    everyone has their own axe to grind,

    and its easy to shout "Nazi",

    it is political correctness on overboard,

    a lot of valid points raised here,,

    one should be able to be proud of ones race whatever it is,

    after all can we choose before we're born the colour of our skin,

    so anyone who judges on skin colour isn't worth talking to,

    the difference is basically culture, nearly all host countries will accept other races as long as they are willing to adapt and accept the host countries culture without the host country having to bend or change its laws or ways to accomadate its new guests,

    culture is the problem not race, Labels can be misleading.

    Source(s): English white, partner German-Chilian mix, my kids,,, a mix of all,,,, and in Germany to boot,,, full of foreigners,, including myself, lol.
  • 3 years ago

    You ignorant people are confusing white power with white pride. Every white person should be proud of being white. We should be able to be proud without you racists trying to shame white pride and being called racists if we say it to your face.. There's brown pride and black pride too. And now there's people trying to tell white pride what they can say and what to call them selves. proud to be European descendants? What a joke. We true Americans are tired of other nationalities bringing our culture and our beliefs down. We have been ruining our greatness by allowing these people to influence everything in our culture and society. We need to make our families well being and our future first priority! Screw them. All of them! The reality is you all want white people to lay down and die. So don't expect "whitey" to make it easy for you. Minorities in america are doing better then ever. This is not 1950 anymore. Minority forefathers had it 100 times worse then the present.

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    If we (white people) are racist to other races, it is racism. If they are racist to us, it is cultural pride.

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