My sister just got a ticket for tinted windows in Illinois (Chicago)?

She drives an SUV and the windows came tinted - only in the back though (not in the front at all!), she bought the car in this really illegal?


she doesn't have a tint in the front (no tint on the windshield, or driver/passenger side windows)

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  • Mike F
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    1 decade ago
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    If this is only factory tint and there is no tint on the front drive and passenger windows than the officer was in error and she should contest this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the only way you can have the darkest tint (illegal tint) is if you have a tint permit, also known as a medical exemption form....pretty much only people with a medical condition like lupus or some other condition b/c they are sensitive to sunlight can have super dark tint and never get a ticket.

    also if you get migraines which happens when exposed to the bright sunlight when driving during the day you are allowed super dark tint but u need a permit.

    pretty much you fill out forms with your state department of motor vehicles and your state will need a signature from your doctor and the medical condition you have.

    you will never get a ticket for dark tint if you have a permit for your dark tint from your state which you can only get if your sensitive from sunlight like migraines or lupus or other medical conditions

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