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Can you get a lip piercing with braces?

Okay, so I am turning 18 soon & graduating in May. I already have my tongue pierced & I wanna get the right side of my lower lip pierced. But I have braces and wont get them off till around Feb. 2009. Can I?

I dont want anyone saying No just because it is gross or ugly, this is part of who I am, my family accepts that so get over yourself.


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    You need to talk to both your dentist and different piercers in your area.

    I don't know really how braces work since I never had them, however, if you still have to wear a lot of rubber bands in the front of your mouth, it might not be a good idea just in case your jewelry got stuck.

    If you have any friends who have their lip pierced, ask them how the place pierced it. what I mean by this is, how high did it get pierced at. Different piercers pierce differently. My dentist was horrified when he saw that I'd gotten my lip pierced until he realized that it didn't touch my teeth at all. My piercer tends to pierce things a little higher than most though, and that's part of why I go to him.

    Even though studs are better for healing when yo initially get pierced, you should definitely go for getting a ring done, preferably a captive bead ring. I suggest this so that you lessen the chance of getting your lip jewelry caught in your braces.

    you might also consider instead of getting a standard lip piercing, getting a vertical labret piercing done instead. it goes through your lip area differently than a normal lip piercing and I know a lot of people who have gotten this done after they decided that lip rings weren't what they wanted because of how it touched their teeth. this is what a vertical labret piercing looks like.

    best of luck to you.

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    Lip Piercing With Braces

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    nicely, verify with your dentist. I certainly think of which you will possibly have slightly a heavy mouth in case you have braces and lip piercings. yet its your determination. you're able to have the capacity to have lip piercings with braces in case you like. i might advise getting a lip piercing after your braces are bumped off, nonetheless. yet intentionally, do notwithstanding you like with dentist and parent's permission.

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    Most piercers and definetely your dentist will want you to wait until you get the braces off. The metal on metal may cause problems in your mouth.

    I'm sorry, I'm sure that's not what you want to hear, but it's true.

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    You can do it but keep in mind you may have problems if you get it now.

    1. Dentist opening your mouth and accidently hurting your piercing

    2. Your piercing snagging with your braces

    3. Other problems you can find out for yourself if you do it.

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    You can do it.. I have friends with lip piercings and braces.. it just may not be very comfortable.

    And it might get annoying to hear the metals clanking together, hah.

    But I say, if you want it done, do it.

    It's just a piercing, if you don't dig it, you can take it out. :]

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    i duno if you should

    but i had mine done last year and i had braces

    and its fine

    just ask the people that would pierce it how they feel bout doing it


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    Of course its not gross or ugly !

    Of course it's not gross or ugly

    Of course it is part of who you are

    Of course it is part of who you are!

    You can be who you want to be

    You can become the person you want to become.

    Play at personal disfigurement all you like.

    Could be a good game. Freak out a few, what the hell?

    Specialise in reversible disfigurement.

    Going to the edge is fine ,

    Take a look from the otherside, yeah sure.

    But this patronising clown thinks it better not to jump off the cliff of mutilation without a rope ladder.

    People do change their minds

    The right to change ones mind

    is the most fundamental of all rights .

    Don't take that right away from yourself.

    Love, Love, Love

    I am, your obedient servant, Almost Overmyself

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