I have a question about a part that fell out of my car engine this morning?

I was right in the middle of the freeway and I heard it crack off and saw it go bouncing to the side.... no other cars were around me at the time.

The car is still running, just a little smoke pouring out. Do I really need to pay to get the part put back on?"


dear CJ: the muffler is still there... :)

Update 2:

dear dwl20022001: can't see the part - it's still on the highway....

smoke is from the trunk I think... is that at the back? this is at the front.

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    Ok, don't listen to these guys.....basically it could have just been a plastic cover or wheel well, or it could have been the cormus joint that links the tie-ball to the energy manifold. If its the latter just bring the car to walmart, one of there qualified technicians will have a look at it and replace the part for you.

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    If the smoke is coming from the engine compartment, there's no way that was the mufler. Besides, if it was the muffler, the results would be a REALLY LOUD CAR and not a "little smoke."

    If the car's still running, it could have been just about anything (not a tie rod or the cam) but if there's smoke you're probably leaking some sort of fluid...maybe oil or transmission fluid. Neither would be good, but if you figure out it's one of these, you can just keep adding more as it leaks out and burns off.

    If it's fluid from the radiator you'd want to get that looked at right away. If you overheat that could be the end of the engine.

    Good luck.

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    Hard to say without knowing what part it was, but seriously, you need to at least find out what is was, and see if it is something important.

    If it is something like a fender weld shroud or something, no biggie, but if it was an exhaust piece, or a tire tread, or a belt or something, you could have major problems down the line.

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    Oh dear Ramjet, this sound serious to me. It could be the whatachamajigger that fell off. This is why the car is smoking so badly. I would see a good mechanic as soon as possible!

    ((Rammy)) :)

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    not to worry, the three major parts of car repair, are, duct tape, WD40, and JB Weld.

    but as long as you drive fast enough, the smoke won't bother you.

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    You did not say what the part looked like? Smoke from where??? Than maybe we can help Sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    That was your muffler honey - or your tail pipe. Go to an Exhaust or muffler place.

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    1 decade ago

    no - dont pay anybody

    duct tape can fix anything

    99cent per role - get a couple

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    Nahh....They put extra parts on cars to weigh them down a little.

    You probably need to lose a few more parts befor you have any problems.

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