How would you label these leaders 1-12... 12 being the worst?

This is a list of 12 leaders, I don't list their names... just what they did as a leader. I make it as vague in regard to details as possible. Label from 1-12 (12 being the worst, 1 being the best) which you think is bad or good as a leader.

A. Suspended certain rights, Detained political dessenters, used torture, very hostile towards native tribes, began a war that killed thousands of people, recieved money from various industrialists and special interests, instituted a draft.

B. War Veteran, Followed the law very strictly, refused to go to war with an enemy country during presidency.

C. Implemented the largest tax increase in his countries history, created a secritive organization who were in charge of regulation of the economy, prohibited certain "immoral" behaviors, reluctanly gave rights to women at end of reign.

D. Put government in complete control of economy, used propoganda to further agenda, instituted a draft, went to war to defend country,


ordered the killing of 2.5 million innocent civilians, detained thousands of individuals without a fair trial.

E. When at war never suspended any rights, never instituted a draft, won the war with minimal loss of life, had a hand in writing the founding document of the country.

F. Gave a very persuasive speech, ordered a failed mission into another country, stopped a disaster through diplomacy, attempted to get rid of a secretive organization who ran the economy.

G. Eliminated the secretive organization who ran the economy, considered a man of the people, returned sovereignty to local governments.

H. Also Eliminated the secretive organization who ran the economy... it was reestablished later, expanded the nations land ownership, followed the law strictly.

I. Started a long, unwinnable war, reluctantly gave rights to minorities, corrupt politician who accepted many funds from special interests, instituted large burdensome programs which did not work, instituted a draft.

Update 2:

J. Ended the above war, opened diplomatic relations with other countries, committed a felony which he resigned for.

K. Lead country during an attack, turned around and went to war with another country, oversaw a recession, arrogant, owned by certain corporations and conglomerates.

L. Very Ambitious leader, made a statue of himself, underwent a huge building project that cost many hundreds of lives, used military might to intimidate enemies, attacked businesses.

Don’t attempt to guess who they are. Just put them in order the way you think they should go... greatest (1) to worst (12).

Come back at 2:30 for the names of each person. You will be shocked, I assure you.

Update 3:

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. George Washington

C. Woodrow Wilson

D. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

E. James Madison

F. John F. Kennedy

G. Andrew Jackson

H. Thomas Jefferson

I. Lyndon Johnson

J. Richard Nixon

K. George W. Bush

L. Theodore Roosevelt

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Best Answer

    I can't wait to see who they are.

    This is a lot to digest. They all sound bad in their own way.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I can tell you G is the best, and K is George Bush. I don't know who G is, but I definitely think he is the best.

    The rest of the question was waaaay too long to answer. But I am definitely looking forward to the answers!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm sure the names you provide will be skewed in the direction that you lean in...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is just "cherry-picking" history BS. You are stripping history of all its context and meaning.

    Parlor game.

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  • 1 decade ago

    2:30pm in what time zone?

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