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How is Obama planning on lowering gas prices exactly?

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"He will also lower gas prices to $2.50.

I am physics teacher and I make only $33,000 a year and I cannot afford $4 gas"


"He will go after the big oil companies and these stock holders"

What does that mean? What will he actually do?

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    There are two easy ways to lower gas prices:

    1). Subsidize them with federal/state money. Of course, this will mean that your taxes will have to go up to pay for the discount, which means every citizen, regardless of how much they drive, will be paying for your gas, your neighbours gas, the trucker who delivers food to the market's gas, and even the fuel used on jetplanes. Socialism, anyone?

    2). Nuke India and China. Both of these nations are responsible for the increased usage in oil because they are rapidly industralizing and have very large populations of consumers. Of course, this tactic could have the unintended side effect of starting World War III and/or a nuclear holocaust, but it's all good cos at least the gas prices will go down, right?

    3). We learn how to make gasoline from the oil we have in our own hair. =\

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    Obama can't lower gas prices, but he does propose to make some changes that he can strongly help to bring about: shortening the war in Iraq, increasing coverage and reducing prices of health insurance, increasing respect for the US among other nations, who now pretty much all view us as crazy cowboys with a "stick em up or I'll shoot you" mentality. The most important thing about having a Democrat in the White House is the "perception" among the general masses that this is a good thing. This "perception" leads to more "confidence," people spend more, business thrives more, the stock market increases. A whole lot of the markets are due to "perception" and not "reality." When there's a Democrat in the White House, as with Bill Clinton, although he was an immoral person and "worst husband in the world winner hands down," the economy was so much better because people BELIEVED they were better off. I think it will be the same with Obama.

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    The president cannot lower prices as this is set by the market. Obama is making promises that are non-sense. Worldwide demand, weak US dollar and supply are the driving factors in determine prices. I think high gas prices are here to stay. People should be concerned about the rising cost of food commodities. Same factors as oil. The only solution is kill 2 billion people and nuke China and India to lower prices.

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    The federal gov't doesn't have much to do with gas prices aside from the high taxes they impose on it. The federal gov't makes far more off gasoline sales then any oil companies do. The gov't can't legistate commodity prices.

    All BHO could do is suspend all federal taxes on fuel which would lower the price by about $0.60/gal overnight. Not bad considering Exxon/Mobil only makes $0.06/gal.

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    He will give a great speech to the oil companies CEO's that will inspire them to lower prices even at the expense of their own huge profits.

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    He will continue to make inspiring speeches and thus magic down the price of gasoline just by being Obama.

    Anyone who doubts this is obviously a hater.

    Anyone who believes what he says is obviously an idiot.

    Personally I'd rather experience an emotion than a permanent mental handicap, but the choice is up to you.

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    He is going to create laws that state that only ethnic minorities can own cars.

    Thus making the fuel consumption less and fuel prices will come down because there will be less people buying fuel, more fuel made and less being sold will create a surplus.

    This said, whites will eventually have to get in the back of the bus.

    Source(s): sick of this being about black vs white
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    Contrary to public belief, the President can't really lower the prices, period. The prices are set by the market, ex how much a barrel of crude sells for

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    As Obama's left testicle I have it on complete authority that you can bend over and grab your ankles for 4 years if he's elected. I'll personally be t-bagging every Democrat who complains about gas prices as a member of his Cabinet( Minister of Propaganda).

    By the way, didn't Nancy Pelosi run on lowering gas prices and making "big oil" accountable back in 06??

    2006 ga/gal = $2.25

    2008 = $3.50

    Way to go Nancy!

    Keep on voting Democrat lib sheep!!

    As Minister of propaganda I command you!

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    Hey plyjanney, I and millions of others are stockholders in the oil companies. We own stock through our IRAs, 401ks and other retirement plans. First you give away our social security, now you take our individual retirement funds. Thanks a bunch.

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