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What's the difference between charlie, blue, and broken blue rabbits?

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    The breeds of rabbit that I show don't come in broken or charile but I know what they are. The only difference is color. When a rabbit is blue, then it's entire coat must be one solid slate blue color. If it is a broken blue,then it is a mix of white and slate blue blotches, but there has to be an even mix of the two colors, you don't want one color over dominating the other. A charlie is a broken colored animal who doesn't have enough color on it to meet the standards, and so is not showable. If you don't understand, go here: http://www.thenaturetrail.com/SolidsBrokensCharlie...

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    A Blue rabbit is all blue, a broken blue is a rabbit with blue patches with white, with at least 10% color(blue) but less than 50%.

    A "Charlie" is a broken but has too little color(less than 10%) Also there are "Booted" rabbits which are brokens with too much color, usually these have color all over but the feet are white.

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