Vomit in my classroom?

Okay-I'm a K-5 music teacher and over the last few weeks there must be sometype of virus going around because everywhere I go, whether I'm teaching in my classroom, on recess duty, or on lunch duty- The kids just keep puking. It wouldn't bother me so much, but they are so bad! I know they are just age 5-12, but here's my issue...

When this whole virus started, I told every class if they are going to puke I don't care if they walk out on, they can take one of my 4 trash cans, I have gallon sized bags out, I don't even care if they puke in my sink or open my back door....They kids are now turning it into a game and refusing to go to the nurse. They all team up and pick the people they don't like and puke on each other! That leads to even more of them that have to be released to go home, because they need a shower and to change their clothes! This is not just happening in my classroom either...it's a problem throughout the system. What do I tell these kids to get it "Contained"?


Any Idea how I can prevent it, now that I've been exposed? I'm absolutely paranoid and all I can visualize in my head are my students puking.

Should I give them another speech or do you have recommendatition on what I should say?

Update 2:

I feel fine, but really don't want to catch it

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    It would be advantageous to have the school nurse talk to the student body in assembly or by class about the health hazards of doing what they have been doing. Also, I personally consider the act of puking on somebody else intentionally to be a conscious act of assault! If the kids are doing this to get out of class or disrupt the class, then parents need to know. Send out letters, make phone calls to parents of repeat offenders, make sure to have a known discipline procedure with harsh penalties for any further overt acts of pukeage! I think any student that is sick to their stomach must be removed from class, sent home at the earliest opportunity, and then given harsh penalties when they return if they failed to behave in a mature-expected manner (i.e. going outside, to the restroom, using trashcan, or any other acceptable option).

    By not following accepted practice and procedures the students are openly defying authority. I don't know about your school, but in my school-we have a zero tolerance for defiance!

    Your administration needs to clamp down on this really hard & fast, if they fail to do so-your union should file a grievance!

    Source(s): music teacher for 13 years.
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    I don't allow any of that in my classroom unless it's a true accident. You feel like you're going to puke? You MUST go to the nurse's office. If you puke in my classroom, you will call home to have them picked up. You cannot allow kids to do it because it will continue to spread around. Could the meat in the lunch room be ruined? Here in our county, they had to throw away all red meat products because of a recall to be on the safe side. I did recommend my students to bring bagged lunches for a while until things settled, of course this won't work well with the free/reduced lunch kids. Talk to your principal. Make the administration ACCOUNTABLE for the school's health issues!

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    parker is right. if this is a school-wide problem, then the administration needs to step in and stop them problem. They should have enough trash cans in each room to put in each row, with each group, whatever. Then the kid has no excuse to throw up on anyone else, and if they do, they get expelled once they come back. Either that or the parents have to come in and clean it up!

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    Let them know that the next time any child deliberately vomits on another, they are in very big, serious trouble. (Talk to the principal beforehand as to whether it's detention or suspension that they'll get.)

    Then enforce.

    You really should have hit them hard (not physically, with punishment) the first time you noticed deliberate, uh, attack on other students.

    But better late than never.

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    i think of you're positive. Vomit is organic and organic and not going poisonous. in actuality the youngsters are available touch with extra risky micro organism each and every hour of the day. as long as a results of fact the stain and scent are long previous, you would be positive.

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    That is a health problem. Something in the building needs to be corrected. What is the administration doing about it?

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