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Please name a significant bill Hillary passed in the US Senate??

I can't even name one bill.

* No, I am not talking about her passing Bill to Monica and other interns.


at least equivalent of McCain-Feingold?

Update 2:

"it's true that for many years, she was in the minority. But if she is the effective legislator she claims to be, she'd be able find co-sponsors across the aisle who share her commitment to specific issues, in the same way that John McCain found his doppelganger, Russ Feingold.

But an inability to get legislation passed is just the beginning of Senator Clinton's shallow record. For many of the bills she introduced, she couldn't even get a cosponsor in her own party! "

Update 3:

Read the article.

It nailed her false claims.

You don't hear much about her Senate experience in the race, do you?

There is a reason for it. She has done nothing of significance or good in her 6 years in Senate.

Update 4:

The term "Junior" may mislead you in a sense that that term is used just to indicate the seniority. There will be always one Senior Senator and a Junior in each State.

Update 5:

Yes, I know.

However, doesn't it beg you to question what she means - she is best equipped?

Since she says she is the best qualified based on experience, we are in a way forced to look at the records. I find none that impresses me and none that fits her claims.

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    Hillary has not passed anything significant in the US Senate. These are the highlights on her website.

    * Hillary worked with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to expand access to health care for the National Guard and Reserve.

    * Hillary passed an amendment that created a national program for teacher and principal training and recruitment.

    Here's a brief summary of Obama's legislative record in the US Senate:

    • In 3 years in the United States Senate, Senator Obama sponsored and co-sponsored 570 bills, of which 15 became law.

    • In his first year in the United States Senate, he authored 152 bills.

    • He has introduced amendments to 50 bills.

    • Significant bills passed into law: Lobbying and Ethics Reform Act, Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act and Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act

    • Subjects of Senator Obama's bills introduced, but not passed into law: Foreign Policy (12), Public Health (3) including elimination of all lead in toys sold in the U.S., Government Accountability (2), Health Care (21), Needs of Armed Forces (2), Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (25), Congressional Ethics and Accountability (12), Education (11), Homeland Security (2), Discrimination (4), Mortgage Issues/Economy (2).

    Obama has sponsored and passed more significant legislation than Clinton in 4 less years. Obama worked more extensively with republicans and passed more significant legislation with them. Three Obama amendments were on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Obama helped pass in the senate.

    Few people realize that Hillary talks about experience but her legislative record pales in comparison to Obama's.

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    Most junior senators don't have much input. They have mentors to help them in committee. Hillary has passed no bill but has signed off on bills that went to Congress .

    What is interesting about Hillary, is most new senators are excited about their first day in the Senate. Hillary didn't show up the first day.

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    I have seen this question so many times, I almost think it makes sense.

    But passing a significant piece of legislation doesn't really train a person to be president.

    And really, are the Republicans really proud of McCain's legislation?

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    you got your answer already. looks like you have yet to take the advice of bostonia..

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