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i used to have a warrick-brand inhaler. now i have a proair that sucks. anyone know what happened?

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    Warrick Albuterol is the last CFC Albuterol inhaler. It is no longer made. Now all inhalers have to be HFA (a different propellant that changes the characteristics of aerosol, as compared to CFC inhalers). I have read that Proair is not a good inhaler. There are many different brands of Albuterol/Salbutamol. I have asthma and have used Ratio-pharm Salbutamol and Glaxo Smith Kline Ventolin. Ventolin from GSK is the only one on the market that does not contain corn-based methanol to help evaporation and it has worked well for me. Ratio-pharm and GSK both make a good inhaler of Albuterol. If you can tolerate it, there is also an Albuterol discus, the same device as Advair. It is a dry powder inhaler and should have more consistent dosing than a metered dose inhaler (what you are presently using).

    Please see your doctor if you think your inhaler isn't working. Your inhaler might save your life someday, when it works when you really badly need it to. On the other hand, it might kill you if it doesn't work when you need it to. Try another brand. If you are private pay, you can ask for a specific brand, or if you are paying with insurance, have your doctor specify a brand for the pharmacy to dispense to you.

    One advantage of GSK Ventolin is that it has a built-in dose counter (in the US). I would recommend it even though it costs a little bit more. That way you will know for sure when your inhaler is running low or empty.

    Source(s): I'm a Respiratory Therapist.
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    Yes it's prmary use is for asthama, which has wheezing as a major symptom. It may be he has a minor case of that. My two oldest sons both wheeze when they get colds and albuterol does the trick. I've never noticed any changes in sleep with them while they take it. Edit: one of them is 8 now, the other 2, but we've done this with them both since they were babies. I think the first time I used albuterol on my oldest he was about 3 months.

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    Read our petition to save CFC inhalers (like Warrick) to A) get the full story and B) get some Warrick CFC albuterol from the drug store in the upper right corner.

    Compliments to James S for excellent info. Both Ratio-Pharm salbutamol (what the rest of the world calls albuterol) and GSK Ventolin are available from Canadian drug stores, both work fine, and are less expensive than the US versions. Allow three weeks for delivery due to US security regs.

    NOTE: Ratio-Pharm is a generic version of non-ethanol Ventolin. Do NOT accept Apotech. Do NOT accept substitutes. MAKE SURE THEY SEND ONLY VENTOLIN OR RATIO-PHARM AND DOCUMENT THE CALL/WHO YOU SPOKE TO. I've had bad experiences on the phone with careless order-takers- take no crap from these people.

    MAJOR NOTE: Some people develop insidious side effects to these HFA inhalers- I did with Ventolin. Be alert to unexplained wipe-out flu like experience, chronic sore throat, earache, headache, chest pain, mouth blister, skin reactions. By the time I connected my sore throat/headache, earache to Ventolin 3 weeks went by and I was left with permanent tinnitus.

    MOST people do fine, but be alert. If you get side effects, quit it, go back to Warrick to prove to yourself it was the Ventolin, then try Xopenex. (Do NOT use Xopenex if you have underlying cardiac disease, based on MedWatch complaints I've seen- my opinion.)

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    Yes--you changed inhaler brands.

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    different manufacturers compounds vary a bit...apparently the warrick brand works better for you.

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