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I Just Heard an Ad for Bayer Aspirin Saying, "But I Died". Apparently Not?


I'm Sorry RE, but I Have, Many Times, Even Have "Run" Them, Apparently, you don't Know What True Death is.

Update 2:

Thanks W W D.

Update 3:

W W D, Just Getting Tired of the Hyperbole So Common In These Ads, Apparently this Works, Take RE for Example.

Update 4:

I Wish More people Realized this Pangolin.

Update 5:

Thanks Spreed.

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    I'm surprised Bayer even spends money for ads anymore.

    Aspirin is so simple to make, people can buy generic brands much cheaper. I guess some people think the name brand must be better.

    I like aspirin. I think aspirin is a good thing. Those of us over 50 should probably take a baby aspirin each day. I love preventive medicine.

    As for the hyperbole in commercials - - these aren't targeted for doctors. Besides, I thought the Hyper Bowl was already played in February.

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    Hyperbole has taken over the world. Nobody seems to say "yes" to a question any more. It has to be "Absolutely". I blame the advertising industry, and people's exponentially increasing tendency throughout the 20thC to see themselves as unrecognized stars of radio, then TV. "In the theatre of life every man and woman has their part to play". This is serious! (?)

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    There's a difference between death and near-death. You don't come back from death.

    These days, the definition of death includes brain death, not just the cessation of cardiac function. If that was true, then all cardiac bypass (on pump) cases would be considered deaths. Most of them aren't.

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    I wish i was in your position and didn't know what twilight was. You don't live in a jungle, you live with delusional teenagers who find vampires sucking your blood romantic.

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    hehe. Saying "I died" is a little much. It's not clinical brain death or anything, obviously. I recall my little cousin telling me once "I drowned last summer". Same concept I guess. It just sounds more dramatic!

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    Apparently you have never witnessed a full code blue where a person had a massive heart attach, died, and was brought back to life by the emergency room workers.

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    My, aren't we in a mood today! I don't care for drug ads, either, but if somebody who's been in V-fib wants to say s/he died, it's close enough.

  • well,apparently not! at least not all the way lol he can still do the commercial :)

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