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"next weekend" in french?

how do you write "next weekend" in french.

i'm trying to say what im going to do nexxt weekend.

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    You could say both "le week-end prochain" (meaning literaly "next week-end") or for a bit of change "ce week-end" ("this week-end").

    Like in english, the latter can either refer to the next week-end or the previous one.

    So some basic sentence could be: "Le week-end prochain, je vais partir en randonnée" or "Le week-end prochain, j'ai prévu d'aller chez le coiffeur".

    Meaning respectively: "Next week-end, I'm going to go hiking" and "I'm planning on going to the hairdresser's next week-end".

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck!

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    le week-end prochain

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