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Immunity developed by environment?

Hi guys I'm doing a project on a real-life example I've experienced, but I REALLY need evidence for it, and I can't find much online. So please help. The idea is like this:

People born in relatively unhygienic environments develop a sort of 'resistance' to common diseases like common cold and asthma, food poisoning and other digestive problems. It's not 'immunity' since these ailments can still strike them, but it's like harder for these people to catch these diseases because they've been 'coexisting with the germs since birth'. Yeah, somehting like that. I know this for sure because I come from India and am currently in Singapore, so I can spot the differences. Also, my cousins in the US and Australia are less resilient to these diseases than my family back in India.

So any concrete evidence people? Please please please help me

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    Hi, ive done an assignment on the exact thing!

    I hope this helps u, these are the recourses i used to help support my hypothesis.

    "This essay will be addressing the Hygiene hypothesis as well presenting evidence to argue both fore and against the theory." This was the topic of my essay.

    These were my resources:

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    I'm not aware of any recent evidence or studies about this subject, but you might try using historical examples, probably the best documented would be related to the settlement of the Americas and the higher mortality rates amongst the native peoples who were unexposed to the diseases brought in by European settlement try this link to a paper by Wolfe dealing with mortality rates in the native peoples of Alaska,

    Hope that helps

    Source(s): University Biology Studies
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