Can't Receive BT Yahoo Email in Outlook Express - Error 0x80004005?

Hi All, I had the outgoing email problems a week or so ago, I got it reseloved thanks to posts on this and other forums, so I'm hoping someone can help with this new issue.

Now, I can't receive any INCOMING email via outlook express. It seemed like it started happening at around midnight last night.

I can send email but I cannot receive email

I have the same problem from two computers, both of which were working perfectly yesterday and neither of which have had any settings changed.

This is why I suspect something has changed at the BT end.

I get the following message:

An unknown error has occurred. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x80004005

I can access and view my emails using the BTYahoo web service, so I can still see my new emails. But this is of limited use to me - I need Outlook to work!

I tried renaming Inbox.dbx but that didn't work.

Any help will be welcome.

Cheers, Phil


Hi , Ok, I think I've solved this now by using webmail to move all the emails in the inbox and the bulk folders into the archive folder. That seems to have sorted it. Hopa that helps anyone else with a similar headache! Cheers, Phil

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    Hi Phil

    Im having the same issue too. As of today one account (the main default) won't download into Outlook. I thought it was a vista windows mail issue so have posted on two other forums about this. On vista forums it seems the problem has been happening for a while, to other server users though. It seems that today is BT's turn! Wonder if it will just right itself?

    No help at all really, but if I get any joy I'll re-post.

    I'm loathe to rename the box as I don't want to lose my emails as some are very important. There must be another way to fix this.

    Hi Phil

    Thanks for the tip about the archive - just tried it and my email is working fine now; very odd! Just moved archived emails back into inbox and the downloaded no problem.

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    Phil, I'm also getting the problem. Have tried to rename the inbox, and also move the messages to another folder in webmail, but this didn't work. My message count also did not match the number of messages in the inbox folder. Exactly how did you manage to archive the inbox and fix it, so I can also try this? I've also got a message against each entry in the spam folder saying 'Mail could not load this message'. Since we're seeing other occurrences hopefully it's a BT problem that will be fixed soon.


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    Had the same problem, so created a new folder via webmail.

    Moved all my inbox mail into the new folder and then send/receive worked ok from outlook.

    Moved a couple of mails from the new folder back into the inbox and tried send receive - got the same problem again.

    Noticed that when I moved the last 2 messages from the new folder back into the inbox, there were 3 message = strange, so moved the 2 messages back and the third disappeared from the inbox even more strange. Moved the last 2 back into the inbox again and then deleted the SAME third message that reappeared.

    Tried send receive and it still failed.

    A couple of minutes went by and a new message appeared in the inbox, tried send receive and all worked ok, so moved all the messages from the new folder back to the inbox and did send receive = it all worked

    Weird, must be some BT issue

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    exactly the same problem too. If I empty the inbox on yahoo mail, Outlook Express sends and receives fine, as soon as there is anything in the yahoo mail inbox, I get the same error message.

    Guessing this must be a BT problem, hoping it is fixed soon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't know the answer to your question, but I am also having exactly the same problem. I'm hoping the fact that lots of other people are having the same issue might mean it's a bt/yahoo problem that will be resolved soon..... fingers crossed!

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    I have the same error coming up which started this morning. I have two btinternet accounts and two wanadoo accounts. My broadband is with wanadoo. All accounts are sending and receiving mail except one of the btinternet accounts which is giving the error. went to microsoft support and did what they said, renamed inbox dbx and it cleared my inbox. Is this normal?

    I'm sorry this doesn't answer your question, but it will be interesting to know if any other btyahoo users have similar problems with accounts.

    good luck

  • algaba
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    3 years ago

    Error Number 0x80004005

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    I also have the same problem, I use 'Windows Mail' my other bt e-mail address downloads into Windows Mail as normal but my 'default' one shows the error.

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    I also have exactly the same problem. I also followed the advice on microsoft's site, which just completely cleared my inbox and didn't fix anything. Is there any way to get my inbox back?

  • Gail
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    4 years ago

    Most of the Outlook Express error messages are due to problems with the internet connection, not the software on your computer.

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