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Middle the practice, I which the impression is most profound choose the custom in five special departments of pediatrics time, although she is not the child which I looks after, but she lovably lets me feel take pity on. Her mother and the daddy divorces, is left over a daddy person to look after, perhaps is in the attendance flaw, while which has a fever not urgently goes see a doctor, she becomes the vegetable in light of this. Looks at her in the hospital bed although cannot express own feeling, but she has consciousness. His blood vessel Yi Juchen, does not study the elder sister to get her as far as possible in particular by the least needles, but eventually could not avoid five needles. I thought she bursts into tears feels bad did not know I can help any. I stroke his back, shakes her hand, is low voice said with her: you are quite brave oh! I accompanies you in side, refuels for you!




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    When I were studying in Five Special Departments of Pediatrics that was my chosen subject.

    During the practice, there was a little girl that she is not under my care. But she is so lovely and made me feel to take pity on her.

    Her Mother and Father was divorce, only her Daddy was taking care on her.

    Maybe there was a caring deficiency, when she was getting a serious fever but missed the emergency medical care.

    Meanwhile, she became a vegetable.

    When I was looking at her lying on the sickbed, although she can not express her feeling, but she still having consciousness.

    Especially her blood vessel was not easy to inject, my upper-class sisters had trying to hit the hole on her as less as possible.

    But there still five holes of injecting scar on her body.

    I was crying because I felt so sad which when I was looking at her face.

    I didn't know what I can do for her or give any help.

    I was looking at her face, touching her back and holding her hands, whispering in her ear:

    "My dear sis, you are so brave!! I am here and stay by your-side, I am here praying to God for you!!"




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