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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

[西洋歌曲] 翻譯 Azure Ray-Look To Me

請幫我翻譯Azure Ray的Look To Me

Lay your head in my lap

Let the sound of my laught comfort you now here in the cold

Your face gets wet as the drink slips from my hand

The faster I drive the harder I cry don't worry I'll get us there

And I look down at you

You look up at me

We're a real *****ed up family

We make it home this place is a mess

The smell of cologne mixed with all that we own

Not much I must confess

I hold your hand as you slip from me

As I watch your breath I say to myself one day this will all end

And I look at you

You look at me

We're a real *****ed up family

All night I feel it inside

But I know you're right as I begin to pack

Without raising your eyes I hear you sigh oh you'll be back

Because I look to you and you look to me

We're a real *****ed up family


謝絕用翻譯機 謝謝

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    1 decade ago
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    寒冷中, 讓我用我的笑聲安撫妳

    我手上的飲料一滑, 妳的臉就濕了,

    車開的越快, 我也哭的越慘;別擔心, 我會把我們帶去那裡(更好的地方?)




    我們稱作家的這個地方, 真是一團亂



    我握著妳的手, 而妳把手抽開

    看著妳呼吸, 我告訴自己, 遲早這一切會結束

    然後, 我看著妳




    開始打包時, 我也同意妳的想法

    妳不曾抬頭看, 我聽到妳輕嘆: 你會回來的



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