Are black business cards professional business cards?

I am in the process of getting some business cards. I want something that will stand out, besides a plain white business card. So I would like to get the ones featured on they are black with little diamonds on the bottom right corner. I am a senior college student, and don't want something that will make me seem young and inexperienced, but something that stands out.


I am mainly using it for networking between prospective companies and myself.

Update 2:

And it would have white writing

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    The business cards of the CEO of Bank of America have the corporate logo and his name and phone in black text on white paper. If you get something flashy you'll look like a used car dealer.

    Your reputation will make you stand out. If you're good, you'll build a reputation.

    Look in the "Free lunch for a business card" fish bowl at a nice restaurant some time. (Ask first, tell the hostess why you want to look, and promise to put them back.) Look at who has the glitz - and who has the plain white.

    Odds are the flashiest card in the bowl will be from a bail bondsman or a tow truck driver.

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    It depends. What is your business? Can you send a link? From the description it seems like something used for the entertainment industry, like club promotor.


    I think black with white print sounds ok. I would maybe rethink the diamond. Honestly to me it sounds "high maintenance" . You don't want to look too flashy or as someone else said "cheesy" I would look at putting some other design on it. In my business (buyer, inventory control) I network with salesmen and vendors all day and I have yet to see a black business card. I think that is enough to stand out.

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    You have come upon a classic printing problem, for which your home printer can serve, but not particularly well. You see the only way it's going to happen is for you to print the black background with the white letters dropped out. Unfortunately there is a problem called choke... the ink in any home printer spreads before it dries, and a solid field of black will spread a lot.. Your type will get all nasty looking, and the smaller fonts may get obliterated entirely. Try it and you'll see... plus which, you'll burn through that ink way fast. Even with web and sheet fed presses (the real thing) this is a major tech problem. You are better off going back to the drawing board.

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    Done tastefully, black business cards can be very professional and very effective. I used to be in this profession and had the chance to produce a number of cards that utilized color, coating and other effects to make them "not boring". To have the effect of giving the recipient a little "jolt".

    Just from the way you express yourself it is clear that you have all of the basics down. You know that it is a first impression you are leaving, not "just a business card". Go ahead. Make yourself stand out. Just follow your gut instinct and err to the side of "classy" if you're not sure on anything. You'll achieve the effect you desire by having that one little thing that makes you "above & beyond", that sets you apart from the crowd.

    Go for it. You'll do just great. Best wishes!

    Source(s): 15 years in the printing business. But then these men in white coats came and gave me these pretty pink and blue pills. And I'm feeling much better now!
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    I wanted something different, too, but I didn't want the card to be cheesy looking, so I chose mauve with a raised print. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my card. Very feminine and elegant. You should not have to hesitate to hand out your card when the occasion calls for it, but should be able to hand it over proudly. For this reason, it's best to spend a little extra. A first impression is a lasting impression.

  • make them be vertical, not horizontal, a bit smaller and thinner than standard ones - more elegant this way.

    Making your business cards black is a cheap way to call for more attention they say.

    I think black backgrounds and type in white and lime green - like the header on yahoo answers should look really cool.


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    I think its professional as long as its readable and reflects your point well, u no gets to the point, and truly is helpful and informative. So design it however you want, just make sure its readable and dont put too much on there cuz that will distract from the info. u have on there.

    Source(s): I think it sounds cute, but i dont know how hard of a time people have reading light print on dark things, i can do it, but the question is can the majority of people do it without gettig annoyed. Turn this into a poll on yahoo and get some answers, is light print on dark paper fine or annoying? good luck
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    Sorry I don't know about this

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    amazed that I found this topic already answered! its like you've read my mind!

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    i suggest you to look a more samples and chose one with vivid or contrasting colors.

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